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What are Kuwait's view's on ISIS, and Iraq? (MUNwise, General Assembly)?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Well first of all Kuwait hates Iraq because of what Iraq did in late 88 when they occupied Kuwait for several months. The looted the country, raped several thousand Kuwaiti women, and destroyed or attempted to ruin many shrines, cultural centers and museums, and did a lot of destruction before retreating back across the border to their country. Today they still don't have direct diplomatic relations and for Iraqi citizens to be admitted to Kuwait it takes special permission from the Kuwaiti government and they don't freely give that like you would think.

    As for ISIS they terrify the Kuwaitis. In the past one of the reasons why you didn't have terrorist acts being committed in places like Kuwait is partly because of the security there along with the Kuwaiti government paying sums and helping with banking and money laundering of funds that various terrorist groups use to finance their operations. Its understood that in exchange for that they don't conduct operations then in Kuwait as well as in some of your other Arab countries. ISIS on the other hand has shown that they don't care about that so much or as much as other groups like Al Qaeda and probably can't be bought off. Much of the Arab world including Jordan, Saudi, UAE and Abu DHabi all are in fear of ISIS for this reason and why they are have started to mount a military effort against them.

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