Why is the confederate flag seen as bad?

Don't know anything about the flag or what it represented. Can someone fill me in very briefly? Why is it seen as bad?

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    5 years ago
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    I fly one in Australia as a Protest to to much Government and i am not a white man

    I believe the South was Right States Rights hence the Flag

    In Victoria new Laws say 3 or more Motorcyclists riding together is a Gang and gangs are outlawed

    does not matter if the 3 Motorcyclists dont know each other and are Just Riding to work

    a Blatant case of a Lincoln attitude I dont care what you want i make the Rules

    i fly it from my Home and on my Motorcycle because it upsets people like

    when Lee went to war over states Rights he had already released his slaves the only raciest Flag is the Stars and stripes because it took the 13 amendment to force grant to free his slaves

    Lee had released his slaves before he went to war But Grant still had Slaves 12 Months after the war so that makes the stars and stripes the true racist Flag how long did the USA practice racism under the US flag with apartheid being the Prime way of life in all states of the USA from the freeing of the Slaves

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    5 years ago

    The Confederate Battle Flag is a polarizing symbol that has endured far longer than anyone could reasonably have anticipated precisely because it is a polarizing symbol. In my youth, as a history buff, I had a small 2 inch by 3 inch one, along with about twenty other historical flags. My family hadn't even arrived in this country prior to the twentieth century, so for me there was no heritage issue, other than general American history. However, by the fifth grade, I began to realize that many people held strong beliefs. Unfortunately, mnay of those who flew the stars and bars held certain views which made me uncomfortable with regards to people of different racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. I decided it was best if I kept my little confederate battle flag in my private collection of historical items. similarly, I once came across a WWII sleeve tab from the German Hermann Goering Division. The antisemitic implications of that swiftly overcame my historical interest. A shame, really, but the fact is that symbols have a life all their own, regardless of what the bearer of them may want.

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  • Yun
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    5 years ago

    What people call the "Confederate flag" is one of many of their battle flags, and not the actual national flag for the Confederacy. It just happens to be a flag that a lot of people have seen and mistakenly identified as the national flag of the CSA.

    Because the Confederacy accepted the institution of race based slavery, many people consider those who show or use that image as supporting of slavery and racism.

    Pretty much, that flag is seen as evil by many because of several bad assumptions by people on both sides.

    There are some people that have adopted that image as a support of their racist ideas, no doubt about it. They claim that the world would be a better place if the Confederacy had won, slavery was maintained intact, and racism continued to be institutionalized. Those people are extreme in their beliefs and idiots. The fact that they have mistakenly taken this battle flag as their symbol instead of the actual "Stainless Banner" that was the Confederacy's flag just shows they are ignorant.

    On the other side are those that think the ONLY meaning to that flag is one of supporting slavery and racism, so they claim that anyone that uses that image must be some form of extreme bigot.

    The fact of the matter is that most Southerners like that flag as a symbol of their heritage and history. They are not proud of all of the things done by the Confederacy and reject racism, but value some of the things that flag also stood for (like family, small government, local community, and freedom of expression).

    The same way that many people put representations of flags for the countries that their families come from (I see Irish, British, Scottish, German, and lots of others on a daily basis), that image is used to showcase the heritage of their family and nothing more.

    I personally, though a Southerner, have never worn, driven, or owned a place that had that image on it, and that's because I don't personally feel the need to. However, I am more than happy to defend those that think it appropriate to use that image for their heritage. I find the knee-jerk reactionism of some political groups to attack that flag as nothing more than historic ignorance and bigotry in and of itself.


    To clarify, my statement about "most Southerners" was referring to most of those that like the flag and use it. They do not do so as some form of defense of racism or slavery, but as an homage to their family histories.

    Again, I personally never have used that symbol and don't anticipate ever doing so.

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      Lee had released his slaves before he went to war But Grant still had Slaves 12 Months after the war so that makes the stars and bars the true racist Flag how long did the USA practice racism under the US flag with apartheid being the Prime way of life in all states of the USA

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  • 5 years ago

    It is a symbol of a slave state; whatever else it represents, it stands for a system of human servitude that was inflicted unjustly on one race of people for 300 years. Whatever else American citizens may feel about that symbol, nothing justifies slavery. It took the deaths of a half a million people before this country could assert that its ideals of equality and freedom applied to all human citizens of U.S.

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  • 5 years ago

    Because the Confederacy was a racist plutocratic military dictatorship whose founding principles were explicitly white supremacy and slavery.

    The CSA makes apartheid-era South Africa look like a paragon of racial equality. Honestly, I don't consider the CSA flag as being much more worthy of respect than the Nazi flag. Burn them - burn them all.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    It represented the defense of slavery. In more recent times it has been used as a symbol by racist organizations that want to defend racial discrimination and worse things.

    By the way, @Yun's statement that "most southerners" approve of it is utter racist bullsh*t. Yun seems to think that black southerners don't have opinions worthy of listening to; and among white southerners (like myself) there are quite a few, probably a majority, who also hate the confederate flag. Yun is a fcuking racist idiot.

    And to those who say it's OK to wave it because it's their "heritage" -- would you wave a Nazi flag because it's part of "German heritage"? Actually, they probably would. Confederate-flag wavers are usually Nazis too.

  • 5 years ago

    There is always confusion as to whether the flag symbolizes heritage or racism.

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