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Why do Christians get annoyed when you call Bible a fictional fairytale novel book( I'm trying to disprove the Bible challenge if you dare)?

Why not it's fictional book all characters all fictional Jesus not real his mom was a adulteress who committed adultery. And she was going to be stoned so she made up the whole virgin birth thing to avoid be stoned!

Which stoning was common punishment in ancient time I have link to that. Adam and Eve 100% fictional characters. Along with Genesis story.

Talking animals fictional real animals can't talk even if they can it would be very hard for them to understand human language.

The Bible is man made book and a fairytale nonsense

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    Christians often respond by saying that you "don't understand" the Bible. But what is to 'understand' about a book that teaches that a snake talked, a bush talked, a mule talked, a virgin gave birth, a man had strength in his hair, bats are birds, insects have 4 legs, there was a 7-headed dragon and Jonah lived in a fish for 3 days?

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    Because the library doesn't classify it as fiction. Calling it that comes off as disrespectful, and that is what bothers people, not disagreement. The word you are looking for is "figurative" or "alagorical." That means it isn't literally true that there was, for instance, once a talking snake; the idea is that it was intended to indicate something other than historical facts. Also, "nonsense" is the wrong word. If it were gibberish it would be nonsensical, but by virtue of the fact that you can make sense of it enough to either agree or disagree with it, it is actually not nonsense, and completely sensical.

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    Let me clue you in on a little detail of logic. You have to establish your claims before you can use them in logical arguments or questions. You can't urge us to consider the Bible a fictional book without some kind of evidence, at least.

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    Christians become Christians by searching and considering if Jesus, God and the Bible is indeed true. They find a point of truth strong enough to dedicate their lives to it. Even to die for it. It means living honorably and being blameless for causing harm. Naturally they won't like the basis for their entire life's meaning to be ripped out from under them.

    Put yourself in the role of a serious believer. IF God and the Bible are real... there's eternal life in heaven to be had. There's life improvement through prayer. There's 7000 promises of blessing. There's strength in God for all we can't do on our own. There's promise of protection. There's the promise to do whatever we ask, as long as it's beneficial to God. He promises all pain to be there to grow us and bring us closer to Him, and to use it for good, so it's never meaningless. He promises that our plans will succeed, if they're committed to His purposes.

    That's a lot of treasure and meaning for living an honorable life.... doing all the things the world needs most and committing to not being part of anything more destructive.

    To say it's all a lie means not just taking away the greatest hope for humanity and the greatest force for all things good and pure and beautiful... but it encourages people to ignore it and miss it.

    Living apart from God's will may seem like freedom, but it's false freedom. We're free to run wild and get caught up in everything He wants to protect us from. It never goes anywhere good for long.

    The worst part of it? Many people use "God doesn't exist" as justification to do horrible things. Selling drugs, sex trafficking, stealing, cheating, even murder. If someone feels there's no punishment given they don't get caught... what's stopping them?

    Not all unbelievers commit crimes. But all who commit crimes believe there's no real punishment.

    We cannot encourage disbelief in God without encouraging the very kinds of destruction that can destroy us all.

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  • Nick
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    That is your belief. You cannot disprove an afterlife because science has never proved any alternative. The bible is figurative to some extent and people (especially Atheists) take it way too literally. Revelations is symbolic and nobody really knows if John who wrote it was on something like Magic Mushrooms or not.

    The thing I take from the bible is the important moral messages, "love thy neighbour as thyself" or Treat people as you would treat yourself.

    In my opinion, religion without science is blind and science without religion is close-minded. Why limit your mind to only things you can see and prove? Chemistry and Physics would never have gotten as far as they have if scientists only questioned things they can see.

  • Hal
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    To really get the answer to your question, read more than one article, or more than 300 words, on "Confirmation Bias". This will tell you what you are asking about here. A further key step is to realize that every person has confirmation bias. It's a natural trait of the human brain, for purposes of quick reaction in dangerous wilderness situations. We all are this way. There are no exceptions. There is only technique, to mitigate it.

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    So, you want us to consider your ideas as better than those of the experts, who have intensely studied Scriptural books for between 1900-3500 years (depending on the book)?

    Sorry, I don't think so!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    >Because the library doesn't classify it as fiction.

    And there you have it folks. The conclusive, unarguable proof that the bible is 100% real - is that libraries do not put it in the fiction section.

    • chris5 years agoReport

      Precisely. Why? Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life! Reality is reality! Jesus is Lord.

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    Because they apparently have no trouble accepting a book with a talking donkey and a man flying to heaven in a whirlwind chariot as completely historical.

  • Ruth
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    5 years ago

    Said the atheist with the blind mind! Like you have ever read the Bible!

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