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Steam: Can I add money to my Steam wallet with a debit card? (not a steam wallet gift card)?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm very inexperienced with Steam.

Also, if I were to buy a game form steam, can I buy the game straight off my credit/debit card (or even paypal)? Or again, do I need a Steam Wallet card?


If I had for example, 40$ in my Steam wallet, and I wanted to buy a $60 game, could I pay the $40 from the Steam Wallet, then the remaining $20 from my paypal/debit/credit card?

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    1. Yes, you can add money to Steam Wallet using Debit Card

    Here's the link:

    2. Yes, you can buy any game from Steam using credit/debit card (or even PayPal). There's no need to use Steam Wallet card

    3. Yes, Steam store uses the wallet funds first, debit/credit card only if you don't have sufficient wallet funds. team always takes the money from the wallet first and let's you choose a second payment option

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    Add Money To Steam Wallet

  • 4 years ago

    Add Money To Steam

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    5 years ago

    Unless you want to pay for a game with your credit card, the only way to get Steam credit is through GameStop. I'm not sure about you, though, because you live in Australia.

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