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Going home from college soon to two different houses?

I am terrified of going home next week. I live with my dad one week and my mom the next week. It's been that way since i was 12. I feel like my dad and step mom are controlling. I'm terrified of having my freedom taken away. I'm 18 now. I shouldn't have to earn my living with them by doing chores. I'm scared. Eating at scheduled times. Having the choice of only milk and water to drink at dinner. Portion control. Asking if I want to go somewhere. Having to tell where I am going. My step mom says she doesn't consider 18 as an adult and that you're only an adult when you can pay bills. I'm afraid. They are looming in the background. My mom won't let me live with just her. I think I'm gonna throw up.

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  • Pat
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    5 years ago
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    "I shouldn't have to earn my living with them by doing chores."

    There is nothing wrong with helping others -- in fact, that is a big sign of maturity. Anyway, it is what it is. You have two choices -- go along with it with a smile and a sweet heart, or resent it and feel angry and resentful. The first choice is a lot more fun.

    I'm wondering why you are making yourself miserable over this? It's only for a short while and you can handle it just fine. Work on getting a job and finding your own place. Be very very nice to yourself and very very nice to them and to everyone else and you will have a much better time of it. Soon you will be out on your own anyway. Instead of micro-concentrating on this tiny slice of your life, try to step back and view it in a more macro way. Your parents won't live forever, you know, and some day you will miss them. Try to have good times with them now while you can and you will have pleasant memories later. Instead of being "forced" to help and resenting it, offer to help. They will see that you are growing up and will treat you as more grown up if you do. And hey, none of us gets everything the way we want it at any stage in life. We all have to do some things we don't like. Maturity is in how we handle it. Handle it with love.

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  • 5 years ago

    Only option is to get a job, or ask a close friend to stay with them. There's no where else to go

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