Leukemia is the cancer of white blood cells, Myeloma is the cancer of plasma cells... are there a platelet or red blood cell cancers?


I know that Leukemia is for specifically white blood cell cancer. That myeloma is cancer for plasma cells. I was wondering if there were any other cancers for just red blood cells or just platelets. I imagine if there was something like leukemia for red blood cells or for platelets (though I know leukemia is not a cancer for red blood cells or platelets).

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    Yes. The World Health Organization (WHO) differentiates the following acute leukemias based on the malignant clone involved (1st three are erythroblastic (RBC), last the malignant platelet-producing cell).

    Acute erythroid leukemia

    Pure erythroid leukemia

    Erythroleukemia, erythroid/myeloid

    Acute megakaryoblastic leukemia

    An excellent review of all acute leukemias and the WHO classifications may be found in the "Blood" Journal article, listed below:


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    Kaitlyn - There is no condition of the platelets or red blood cells (RBCs) that are called leukemia, even though both may generate immature forms in the circulating blood. Excessive RBC production, called erythrocythemia, may cause clogging and immature rede cells in the circulation. A condition called "erythroleukemia" may produce immature red cell forms which may flow in the peripheral blood. Bone marrow megakaryocytes may produce excessive platelets in the blood causing clotting or failure to clot, if immature.

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    Kidney cancer -The kidneys release too much of a protein (erythropoietin, or EPO) that enhances red blood cell production

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