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47) After the death of Allende, which man ruled Chile as a dictator for 17 years?

A) Getúlio Vargas

B) José Balmaceda

C) Augusto Pinochet

D) Hugo Chavez

48) The Chilean counterpart of Argentina’s Jorge Luís Borges was

A) Gabriel García Márquez

B) Isabel Allende

C) Pablo Neruda

D) Gabriela Mistral

49) Which of the following best describes the Pinochet Regime?

A) It was a violent & oppressive Argentine government

B) It was a violent & oppressive Chilean government

C) It was the name of the military rule in Brazil

D) It was the most stable government in South America in the 1980s

50) Which leader worked in the 1800s to modernize Mexico?

A) Vicente Fox

B) Francisco Madero

C) Porfirio Díaz

D) Emiliano Zapata

51) Who became Mexico's leader after the ouster of Díaz in 1911?

A) Vicente Fox

B) Francisco Madero

C) Emiliano Zapata

D) Benito Juárez

52) Which of these was assured by the structure of the Mexican Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)?

A) elite rule

B) political fragmentation

C) a broad social base

D) political instability

53) The first non-PRI Mexican president since 1929 was

A) Vicente Fox

B) Francisco Madero

C) Porfirio Díaz

D) Lázaro Cárdenas

54) What was the Tlatelolco Massacre?

A) a massacre of democratically elected officials in Brazil

B) a massacre initiated by Pinochet

C) a massacre of student protesters in Mexico

D) a massacre of Hispanics in the United States West


55) Mexico's economy stabilized in the 1990s as a result of a $20 billion loan from

A) Britain

B) the United States

C) Saudi Arabia

D) Venezuela

56) Vicente Fox has experienced difficulties getting his legislation passed because

A) he is Protestant

B) the PRI still has congressional power

C) he was found guilty of abuse of power

D) he enjoys a close relationship with President Bush

Update 2:

57) In Brazil, higher education is reserved to a tiny minority, with what effect?

A) The country has experienced a “brain drain”

B) Industrialization has been slow in Brazil

C) Social mobility is severely curtailed

D) High tech companies tend not to thrive in the country

58) Liberation theology, unlike traditional Catholicism, has a strong

A) social message

B) political aspect

C) power to unify

D) ethical message

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    47---> C pinochet

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