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good longboard setup?

I built a longboard online, I want this board for sliding and downhill riding. I want to make sure this is a good setup before I actually buy it.

Deck: original 41 freeride rocker concave with grip tape

Trucks: gullwing reverse 10.0/47 degrees

Bearings: bones ceramics reds bearings

Wheels: abec 11's freeride centerset green 72 mm

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    5 years ago
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    VERY important for street riding and sliding... what is the durometer (hardness) of the wheels. Most cruiser wheels are 78a. You'd want something just a tad harder... maybe 80 or 82a. No more than 90a. 90 may be too hard for a smooth ride. You don't want something so soft that it will tear up, and the harder wheels will slide better. So make sure you go with either the 81a or 84a that are available in the Abec 11's. Also, personally I'd prefer side set for sliding and fast downhills.

    • vito5 years agoReport

      I'm also deciding on getting zombie hangs 86a 76 mm instead

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