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MJM asked in Entertainment & MusicRadio · 5 years ago

Can anyone help me with the trivia answers and VIP codes for 99.5 The River WRVE Albany NY and other stations for 04/19/15?

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  • Clay
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    5 years ago
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    Breaking news) HOUston

    Center stage) BRAzil

    Explore the world) SPAin

    Healthy knowledge) niacin

    Newstand) AMErican psychological association

    Secret science lab) HOTkaps

    Wonders of the world) HALf a day

    blockbuster) 17

    bookworm) fluffy a giant three headed dog


    music pop quiz) happy

    sports) the golden bear

    spring) diamond

    tv trivia) 3

    word play) man


    10AM BIG announcement

    2PM KELly

    7PM FUNky

  • Bob
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    5 years ago

    Blockbusters: 17

    Book Worm Trivia: Fluffy, A Giant Three-Headed Dog

    Daily Video Trivia: --- Same as yesterday's

    Healthy Knowledge: Niacin

    Music Quiz: Drums

    Country Music Trivia - Clint Black And Garth Brooks

    Music Pop Quiz - Happy

    Sports Trivia: The Golden Bear

    Spring Trivia: Diamond

    TV Trivia: 3

    Word Play Trivia: Man

    Secret Science Laboratory: use HotKaps

    Breaking News Video Trivi..: Houston

    Center Stage Video Trivia: Brazil

    Newstand Central: American Psychological Association

    Wonders Of The World Triv..: half a day

    Explore The World: Spain

    string: HotHouBrAmeHalSpa

  • sasha
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    5 years ago

    Secret Science - HotKaps

    Breaking News - Houston

    Center Stage - Brazil

    Newsstand - American

    Explore the World - Spain

    Wonders - Half


    blockbusters - 17

    book worm - Fluffy

    healthy - Niacin

    music - Drums

    sports - Golden Bear

    spring - Diamond

    TV - 3

    word play - Man

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