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Help with Least Squares Estimation using JMP software?

I m trying to use JMP to check my results that I obtained by hand, but I can t figure out how to make JMP display things like R^2 or R_adj^2 or SSxx, SSxy, or an ANOVA table.

I keep trying to use: Analyze->Fit Y by X and then run a one-way analysis. From there I try to view the summary of the fit, but R^2 and R_adj^2 display "." instead of a value and I m not understanding what I m doing wrong.

If it helps, I m trying to use two columns of numbers












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  • 5 years ago
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    The tutorial at the source link may be helpful.

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  • Huh
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    5 years ago

    Assuming the first column is column x, and the second column is column y, I will use Microsoft Excel to give you the equation of the Linear Regression equation, and here it is ...

    y = 0.0134(x) + 0.2802 ; R^2 = 0.9516


    My method: Make (x, y) coordinate table, insert it as a table, convert it to range, select the table, insert a scatter plot, from the graph or one of the tabs select "Trendline" in the new version of Microsoft Excel, you can find the Trendline by selecting the plus sign at the top right corner of your graph, and it will show you the chart elements, once you have selected trendline, select trendline options, go to the bar icon, and you can make a best fit lines, polynomials, and logarithmic and exponential functions. Then select display equation and display R^2 value on chart.

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    Source(s): Does that match your calculations that you made by hand?
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