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do you like my lyrics ?

Try outs

Try outs

Your parents made me try out to if I was girlfriend material

They knew I had too much Green Day posters & black bike that I rode to school

Monday through Friday. So, that was wacky.

Try outs

Do your parents have a phone book of all the girls for you?

I think that plainly not my business.

They like Christian girls who do not wear high heels like Lady Gaga

Or look like Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus.

Try outs

Do they have our old high school year book making circles around random girls?

They only like girl’s who dress right like Sunday best and curly hair

Blushy rosy faces

It seems like I’m auditing on American`s next top model

They want you to date super model like Kendall Jenner … No, way!

Freckles, red hair & green eyes. Blonde hair, blue eyes … bombshell!

Try outs, when is try outs?

Outs, when are you going to take me for a date? You went 25 dates

50 first dates Adam Sandler & it disgusts me to the point that I want to break your


Take my brothers baseball bat & Jazmine Sullivan on your car, I busted the windows

Out your blue car. I destroy the whole car.

Try outs, how wacky is that? You better not ask out my sister on a date or I`ll

Set your car on fire.

Try outs

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