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語言學 有關於語言學的作業請高人為我解答想對答案~感激不盡!

Which of the following statements is NOT true?

Linguistic determinism is the strong version of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.

The Eskimo have about a dozen words for snow.

The Grand Valley Dani has only two words for colors.

The Hopi have no words for time.

3.Which of the following statements is NOT true of behaviorism?

It's a branch of psychology popular in the 1950's.

Its basic idea is that everything an organism does is a behavior.

It focuses on directly observable properties.

Linguistics nowadays still follows the basic assumptions of behaviorism.

4.Which of the followings is NOT true of Universal Grammar?

It is operationalized as principles and parameters.

It's the idea that all languages share certain universal characteristics.

It's the idea that we are born knowing certain universal characteristics.

All linguists, not just generative linguists, believe in it.

5.Which of the following statements is NOT true?

The babbling stage begins roughly around six months.

The word order parameter is set in the final stage of language acquisition.

Newborn Japanese babies perceive a phonemic contrast between [l] and [r].

Unmarked sound segments emerge earlier than marked sound segments in language acquisition.


Honeybee dance is unusual among animal communication systems in being?




both discrete and combinatorial.

both combinatorial and unbounded.

7.The indigenous population of Tasmania is notable because?

they were a wild aborigine tribe that had no language.

they had a very simple technology but all the cognitive attributes of modern humans, including language.

they were the smallest humanoids, also known as Homo Floresiensis.

they caused the Neanderthals to go extinct.

8.To date, no animal communication systems have been discovered that are?







9.Which of the following is true of language acquisition?

Language perception lags behind language production.

The babbling stage is also called the holophrastic stage.

Stages in language acquisition all pertain to language production.

HAS stands for the Holophrastic Acquisition Stage.

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    Answers to be checked by your good self :-

    (1)Not true:-sapir

    (3)not true:-1950

    (4)not true:-born

    (5)Not true:- l--r

    (6)being:-both comm.&unbound

    (7)had technology

    (8)innate-----meaning hereditary, born with nature !


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