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sasha asked in Entertainment & MusicRadio · 6 years ago

Does anyone know what the "Breaking News Trivia" answer is and other Radio Trivia for Saturday April 18th?

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  • Clay
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    6 years ago
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    Breaking news) MEN's health

    Center stage) DREss

    Explore the world) MANhole cover

    Newstand central) ALAska

    Secret science lab) GRAnulated sugar

    Wonders of the world) P22

    blockbuster) monsters inc

    bookworm) anjin-san


    music pop quiz) sia

    sports) 5 feet

    spring trivia) 1914

    tv) cable news network

    wordplay) seeingly

    healthy knowledge) b vitamins and vitamin c


    7AM) HANs solo

    10AM) YARd work

    3PM) SOCcer

    7PM) RECords

  • Bob
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    6 years ago

    Thanks for Best Answer

    FM106.1 Radar @ Kenosha Nissan - Drive

    Anyone get:


    Brett Andrews at Ugly's 4/17 -?

    Ridder at AT&T 4/18 - DREams

    95.7 Newsletter Code Word: Taxes

    Blockbusters Trivia: Monsters, Inc.

    Book Worm Trivia: Anjin-San

    Classic Rock Challenge: Crying

    Country Music Trivia: Suzy Bogguss

    Music Pop Quiz: Sia

    Music Skills: Ne-Yo

    Rock Music Trivia: Aquaman

    Sports Trivia: 5 feet

    Spring Trivia: 1914

    TV Trivia: Cable News Network

    Word Play: Seeingly

    Healthy Knowledge: B Vitamins And Vitamin C

    Music Quiz: Zager And Evans

    Breaking News Video Trivia: Men's Health

    Center Stage Video Trivia: Dress

    Explore The World: Manhole Cover

    Newstand Central: Alaska

    Secret Science Laboratory: Granulated Sugar

    Wonders Of The World Trivia: P22

    String: MenDreManGrAlaP22

  • Erin
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    6 years ago

    Breaking News - Men's

    Center Stage - Dress

    Newsstand - Alaska

    Explore the World - Manhole

    Wonders - P22

    Secret - Granulated


    blockbusters - Monsters Inc

    book worm - Anjin-San

    healthy - B Vitamins

    music - Zagerand Evans

    sports - 5 feet

    spring - 1914

    TV - Cable News Network

    word play - Seeingly

  • MJM
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    6 years ago

    99.5 The River, WRVE, Albany, NY.

    07:00 - Han Solo

    10:00 - Yard Work

    3:00 - Soccer

    7:00 - Records

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  • Kathy
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    6 years ago

    FM106; Radar at Kenosha Nissan is Drive.

  • 6 years ago

    99.5 wrve

    7 am hans solo

  • 6 years ago


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