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Professional Wrestling: Why do The People expect Daniel Bryan to be spokesperson for World Wrestling Entertainment?

Showed my wife and her friends a picture of Daniel Bryan in a suite, ect asked them what they thought of Bryan being a spokes person:

Direct Quotes:

Friends Husband: "What is he Five Seven tops weighing a buck fifty soaking wet plus he apparently doesn't have a neck"

Friends Wife: "Is Old McDonald going to be there to lead him through promos because he kinda reminds me of a goat"

My Wife: "It'd be like having Peter Dinklage as head of your company, hard to take seriously you know reminds me of that short guy from The Incredibles"

Well, there you have it "The Common People" 's Opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Daniel Bryan.

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    People love Daniel Bryan for obvious reasons. But apparently WWE judge wrestlers by their looks.

    Tell me in a smart answer he shouldn't be people's favorite wrestler?

    PS: Why the hell would I care what your wife and friends think about Daniel Bryan. I'm pretty sure they are experts in wrestling. Women judging a wrestler based on his physical appearance. Oh, I'm so offended!

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    • Rog5 years agoReport

      Seriously this question is idiotic. Pro wrestling fans don't care so much about someone's height and weight and the body builder look. I seriously doubt these three represent what all these so called common people think about. I bet your wife is sexually frustrated too.

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  • 5 years ago

    Oh please, you are full of crap, you aren't that crazy to show random friends pictures of daniel bryan and ask people what they think.

    Besides, who said anything about him being a spokesperson, he has a role to play in wwe and he has not only done that perfectly, he has exceeded everyone's expectation, no one in that damn company expected bryan to headline a wrestlemania, and you know that is damn true.

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  • 5 years ago

    tell that to the Connor kid that is in the HOF....

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