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Okay someone said here that a cult will tell you that you cannot be saved unless you remain in their organization, well what about?

the Catholic church saying the same thing if you leave their church when you were born in it, does that make them a cult too?


They did, or do teach that.

Update 2:

Read my question or do not answer it, I said that a Catholic that leaves the Catholic Church left the truth according to them.

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  • grnlow
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    All religions--with the one exception of the one true religion of the Bible-- are all cults. Catholics are the largest fake Christian cult. All non-Christian claiming religions are cults.

    Cults prove to be liars by at times, taking something fro ual words of the Bible and misapplying them to themselves. All Christian cults want two things: money and power.

    Only true Christians understand they do not need to crave money or power. Jehovah God will provide for our needs. As long as we do his will. Part of that is shown by Rev. 18. The first part of it warns by an angel for all on earth to "Get out of Babylon the Great [all the world's false religions] if we do not want to share with her in her sins." Later, in her destruction together with any and all supporters.

    Afterwards the angel tells them to flee to safety in God's organization. He always provides a place of safety for any who obey him in areas he is about to destroy. Jerusalem and the Temple in 68-70CE by the Romans, it was to flee to the mountains of Judea. Jericho, it was to get into Rehab's home with the red scarf out the window and STAY THERE. It was the only part of the wall safely standing. Always he provides a place of safety.

    That is the part of real truth that cults have stolen to make it appear to be correct or frightening enough.

  • Corey
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    6 years ago

    All organized religions have an element of cult to them.

  • gillie
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    6 years ago

    The Catholic Church does not teach that only Catholics can be saved.

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