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was it a coincidence that ed o'neill and katey sagal both played,...?

, where they caught someone trying to get away with a money-making scheme, and then blackmailed the person that they caught that they want half if they're to keep quiet about it?

katey sagal did this in the 1990 tales from the crypt episode titled "for cryin' out loud" where the person she caught was marty slash(lee arenberg),and ed o'neill did this in the 2000 movie "lucky numbers" where the people he caught were russ richards(john travolta) and crystal(lisa kudrow).

was it all just one big coincidence that their characters did something extremely identical, or was it talked over and decided to be done to draw parallels to their characters from the sitcom "married with children" where they played husband and wife on there?

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    Probably just coincidence. That plot line goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. Probably every actor has had a part in some story like that at one time or another. I've been watching reruns of the old Alfred Hitchcock Hour and Thriller (with Boris Karloff) and at least half the plays use that theme.

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