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How to prepare for the SATs in Australia?

So I want to try and get into MIT and I live in Australia. In order to get into MIT, I will need to do the SATs, but of course in Australia, it isn't that commonly taken or practiced. My school does the SAT tests, however I have not been told about how to prepare. I understand that American students are given an actual class to study on it - similar to the QCS. How do I prepare for these tests? Where can I start?

Thank you.

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    American students being "given" an actual class to study for it is not really the right term for it. It's just available to them. If they wish to, the students may search for prep classes offered by institutions and pay for them or have tutoring, but no one enforces this except the students' own will. They're on their own. :)

    For the SAT, it's best if you can find, in stores or online, an SAT study guide book, purchase it, and do the practice tests. The more practice tests you take, the more you'll get used to the wording of the questions, and the higher your scores will increase. The books will also teach you tactics and methods to consider, which are helpful. The CollegeBoard big blue book is the most similar to the real SAT, so I recommend that if you are interested in getting one.

    In addition, you should study a ton of higher level vocabulary words. A good base of vocab words will allow you to go far. You should also read a lot of books so that you'll learn to read more quickly. As for math, it tests you more on logic and reasoning.

    I wish I could help you more, but this is all I can say as of now. :) Good luck getting into MIT!

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    buy the 2015 Princeton review book. It is basically all u need to study with. It gives u great strategies and techniques. Also buy the college board blue book to practice from actual exams. If the SAT is hard for u try the ACT which is by far a more fair and easy test.

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