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Bones Reds or Abec 7s?

Hi i have decided to build my own board rather than buying a new complete one because at least then i know i am not getting cheap parts. I have never built a board before so i don't have a lot of experience with this, what kind of bearings should i go with for the best bang for my buck? ( I am a poor teenager lol ) a lot of people say bones reds are the best for cheap and some say abec 7s i have no first hand experience so can any og skaters expand on this?

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    Bone reds. If you're really on a budget I recommend chocolate dark chocolate bearings. I've never had bone reds tbh but I built my own and the guy at the shop told me that they were about the same but chocolates were basically a cheaper variation

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    I've had Bones Reds on my skateboard and my longboard for years, and they've never failed me. They're cheap and last long.

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