Why is my fantasy baseball team doing horrible?

My team is in second to last place and I'm losing 8-1-1 in a H2H each catergory league. Here's my roster.

C Russell Martin

1B Edwin Encarnacion

2B Chase Utley

3B Kyle Seager

SS Jose Reyes

2B/SS Rougned Odor

1B/3B Anthony Rizzo

OF Ryan Braun

OF Will Myers

OF Ben Revere

OF Jay Bruce

OF Brandon Moss

P Chris Sale

P Cole Hamels

P Gio Gonzalez

P Dellin Betances

P David Robertson

P Carlos Martinez

P Tanner Roark

P Tyler Clippard

P Trevor Bauer

BE Elvis Andrus

BE Eric Hosmer

BE Aramis Ramirez

I don't know what can be going wrong with my team.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Your league size would help..

    A lot of your players just have not started out hot.

    Although,I would dump Betances for an actual closer,& Ramirez for another SP.

    I have been trading for Kris Bryant & Anthony Rendon in a lot of leagues..

    You should also try for them.

    Their trade value is as low as it will get right now.

    I have been getting them by trading away 2,or 3 players for each of them.

    Rendon & Bryant,I think,could each be fantasy beasts very SOON.

    Another player I have been going hard after is Kershaw..

    Kershaw has not been his usual dominant self as of yet.

    Before dumping Ramirez,I would actually offer Ramirez + Sale for Kershaw,then pick up another SP off of waivers.

    BTW-A lot of my teams have 0 offensive backups..

    This makes me dominant in wins,saves,& Ks.

    I trust my high QUALITY hitters will win me offensive categories,so I can win pitching categories with a high QUANTITY of pitchers.

    I think your offense will start hitting soon,hang in there.I would designate Rizzo untouchable as far as trades,Rizzo should be a beast.But,everyone else could be used as trade bait to get higher ranked HITTERS & a larger quantity of SPs & closers.(I believe Betancourt has just become the Rockys closer.)

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  • 5 years ago

    Your team will be fine over the course of the season, just have to be a little patient. I got Jay Bruce 5th in my BEAST FRANCHISE batting order today. He is going yard!

    • How long will it take for my team to be in competition?

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