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I am XXX work in XX company as an accounting, so far, more than 3 years. My key resount receivable is deposited and writes off Accounting 、daily summons key in、To declare sales tax, i was interesting in tax law, so join in tax class learned, including Income tax act、sales tax 、busines ponsibilities were the accounts receivable, including the check daily report of each store, The accs accounting…etc , I will exercise what I’ve learned on work.


In addition to the accounting , also served as business administration and purchasing Assistant positions,commission settlement、make sales report、procurement services、Administrative work, What impresses me is, when I completed the first sum of traded goods. I have a sense of achievement, through ongoing customer service, to diligent way, sales skills, this is the most I learned here, and most unusual experience.


I have been work for some years ,each job has its own specialty. audit the invoices, bills and other general accounting and accounting operations and industry. Business Administration emphasis on sales performance calculation. Every job has its own characteristic


I have good communication and a sense of responsibility. For work in different industries, are willing to learn new things. That your firm job offer, hope to have the opportunity to learn more about your company. And the opportunity for your company.



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    I am XXX working in XX company as an accountant, so far for more than 3 years. My key work is in charge of accounts receivable is deposited management and all stores’daily business achievement reports verification, write- off accounting, daily transaction summons key in making, To declare sales tax declaration. I was interested in tax laws, so went to join in tax related classes learned, including Income Tax Act, sales Business Tax Act, Business Entity Accounting Act busines ponsibilities were the accounts receivable, including the check daily report of each store, The accs accounting… etc., therefore I will exercise am able to deal with my work smoothly, which is thanks to what those knowledge that I had learned before on work.註:在英文上,對事物的分項符號並不用頓號”、”,而是使用逗號”, “來分開並列的各事物。

    In addition to the being an accountant, I also served as a business administration and purchasing assistant positions, the job of business administration is handling the commission settlement of the related outlets of business department, making and analyzing the company’s monthly sales report, procurement services and Administration work. What The one of above duties that impresses me most is customer service, especially when I completed a business the first sum of traded goods, I have a and the sense of achievement brought to me. through ongoing customer During the process of the service, in order to satisfy the requirements of customers, I should try to understand their thinking. to diligent way, sales skills Along the communication, my sales skill had been improved, which this is the most benefit that I had learned here and the most unusual experience which I had never gotten before.

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    I have been working for several years, each job has its own specialty. Such as Accounting centers in the coordination between revenue and expenditure, sales focuses on marketing and analysis, procurement emphasizes quality and delivery time. Except your working skills,

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    your attitude toward the job is the critical point, keeping positive thoughts can help the resolution of problems. Sometimes what we face is not only the issue itself but the signification at the back of it .

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    I am good at communication and have a sense of responsibility. I am willing and pleased to learn different things from different kind of industries. And I recently got the information about your job offer,

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    I hope to have the opportunity to learn more about your company and the chance of working for the company. Thank you so much for your time.

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    老實說.....求網友幫你全文中譯英, 總比要幫你修改每一句來得容易!

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