about being 的意思?

Girls are all about being equally these days.

這句話應該是說 "男女平等"


尤其是那個 "about being" 又是啥東東啊?



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    This is from:

    Hey, mom, can I borrow 40 dollars?

    嘿媽媽 我可以借四十元嗎40 dollars? What for?

    四十元?要幹嘛?I am getting dinner with a friend.

    我要跟我朋友吃飯40 dollars for dinner? What are you having? 5 dinners?

    四十元吃飯?你是要吃啥?五頓飯?Okay..it's girl.

    好啦..是跟女生I am taking a girl, please!

    我要帶女生去...拜託!What happened to your allowance?

    你的零用錢勒?I spent it.

    我花拉Wow, then you should have saved it like I always tell you. sucker

    哇 你應該存起來就如我平常所告訴你的 你真沒用Why not you just let her pay?

    那幹嘛不叫他付I can't do that.

    我不能這麼做Why not? Girls are all about being equally these days.

    為何不?現在都說男女要平等But isn't it expected that guys pay on the first date?


    The reason it uses "equally" is likely because it means:

    Girls are all about being equally ( paid for doing things, treated ...) these days.

    all (皆) about (對於) being (是) equally (平等)

    把它們放在一起, 其意思是 : 都是要男女平等 (待遇,同工同酬, 對待...)

    It is still better to use "equal" not " equally", even though it is understandable.

    2015-04-15 10:53:23 補充:

    "about" 是介詞,其受詞必須是一個名詞或相當於名詞的詞, 如動名詞, V+ing ... 這就是為什麼 'Be-verb" 是使用 "being" 形式.

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