Is a certain (car) FM transmitter build more/less reliable than another? (People's experiences)?

To what I mean by "builds":

There are some where the FMT can be used without connecting to the car-charger, some that are wired (with the FMT in the middle of a cord with one side attached to the charger & one side plugging into your device), or ones where the FMT & charger are a single unit.

Obviously design isn't the sole source of problems that could occur, but I'm interested to know if enough people (who've tried multiple types) have had trouble with a certain kind more than others.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Hi there are now many types available as older cars don't have the Aux input fort music pods so some combine the Fm radio transmitters with a cigar plug so it has power to transmit to the radio in the car. all very simple really some sell these for as cheap as a few dollars. hardly worth the effort in building one.

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