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Roughing the passer first came in the NFL in 1938. Mandatory helmets came in the NFL in 1943.?

Most yds per game in NFL career 104.3 by Jim Brown. Sept.9 1965 dodgers pitcher Sany Koufax threw a perfect game against cubs. Sept.4 1993 Yankees pitcher Jim Abbott threw a no hitter. Gymnastics started around 2600 B.C. Edwin Moses 122 consecutive wins 1977-87. Track and field. Jun.11and Jun.15 1938 Jonny Vander meer threw a no hitter. Which sports fact do u like most?

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    Johnny Vander Meer. No one else in over 200 thousand MLB games has come close to duplicating that feat.

    Edwin Moses would be a close second.

  • Anonymous
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    You say Gymnastics started around 2600 B.C I would like this "fact" more if you're able to show the source of 2600 B.C.

    Gymnastics was developed by the classical Greeks in the fifth century BC as a means to develop the muscles necessary for hand-to-hand combat.

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