KRHH: Madonna Cuts Off Drake's Air Supply in the Worst Way Possible at Coachella?

Madonna, the ultimate village bicycle (albeit, one that's extremely rusty), made a "special" guest appearance at Drake's Coachella set last night in a performance that can perhaps only be described as nauseating. A quick look at the link above shows that they did that typical rap concert thing where they bring out a chair for a dude to sit on while some terribly dressed woman has her way with him. Generally, this "having her way" portion of the show includes the lady waving her derriere in front of the guy's face and junk while **** particles waft in the air, usually just narrowly avoiding getting a brown skid mark on the man's shirt (as opposed to a kiss on the collar), as the crowd cheers as they vicariously live through these people on stage. But in this case, I guess due to Madonna's very ancient age, she wasn't able to pull off such acrobatics, so the crowd would just have to settle for some clearly pre-planned mouth-to-mouth kiss, which was perhaps just as pleasing as a night of getting blue balled (i.e., not pleasing at all).



Though it was very easy to tell that this was (well?) orchestrated in advance, it seems Madonna held the kiss for just a little too long, (granted, any amount of time spent kissing Madonna is too long,) and Drake presumably couldn't stand the smell of cottage cheese and 30+ years of black ***** any much longer, came out gasping for air in hysterics, facepalming as if to say "What have I done?"

I would go on, but apparently my writing has exceeded the character limits, so...

Update 2:

You can just leave you thoughts on this matter here. I have no question in particular really.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Not bad. A couple usage errors and a few comma splices, but the vivid and utterly repulsive imagery combined with the fairly accurate tabloidal writing style more than makes up for it. All in all, an unnecessarily descriptive account of something I didn't really care or want to hear about.

    Otherwise, Drake why'd you do it man. That ***** has been a ho since before the times of Gilgamesh. I'm pretty sure there are cave paintings of her banging Neanderthals in Lascaux.

  • david
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    6 years ago

    Lol it was funny.. They said he had a problem with the lipstick that's what bothered which is honestly a more believable version of what happened. Cause the kiss was probably planned so why would he look so disgusted. Anyway stuff like that happen...

  • This is way too much. You should start a weekly column where you comment on hip hop fails.

    #villagebicycle #brownskidmark

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