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Models for providing WOC services are designed

to meet the needs of different populations, in varied

settings. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions

have specific expectations for WOCNs, who must

deliver the expected product if their positions are to

remain viable. In addition to one-on-one patient care

(patient and staff education, topical wound management,

etc),most healthcare leaders expect the WOCN

to develop and implement institution-wide programs

that target such problems as pressure ulcers, complicated

wounds, and prevention of incontinence-related

dermatitis. Further, they expect that the WOCN can

evaluate current usage of expensive rental patient care

equipment and implement ways to dramatically

reduce costs while improving patient care and increasing

patient satisfaction. Recent changes in reimbursement

have highlighted the importance of the WOCN

as a leader in managing pressure ulcers and as an

advisor in the process of decreasing complications

such as pressure ulcers, surgical site wound infections,

and catheter-related urinary tract infections.

Healthcare leaders can expect that their WOCN

will design a service delivery model that is realistic,

usable, and cost-effective. Not every facility will have

a need for specialty stoma care services. Some facilities

will not require outpatient services, whereas

others, especially those that are in densely populated

areas, will want to provide patient access to outpatient

services for patients with wounds and/or stomas.

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  • Chris
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    6 years ago
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    - WOC: wound ostomy continence 傷口造口失禁

    - WOCN: wound ostomy continence Nurses 傷口造口失禁照護


    醫院及其他健康照護機構對WOCNs都有特別的期望 如果他的地位是為了保留存活 就應交出所期望的產品

    除了一對一病患照護之外(病患和員工教育 局部傷口處理等等) 多數健康照護的領導者期望WOCN發展並實施針對如褥瘡複雜傷口以及預防尿失禁而產生的皮膚炎的問題做全構性的課程計劃 此外他們也希望WOCN可以評估目前使用于照護病患所需承租昂貴的設備並施行一些在改進病患照護增加病患滿意的同時可以大大減低費用的方法

    最近保險給付的改變刻畫出了WOCN 做為處理褥瘡的指導者以及做為減低如褥瘡手術傷口感染和導尿管引起的尿路感染的處理過程中的顧問者的重要性

    健康照護的領導者可以期望他們的WOCN會設計出一種實際可用又經濟實惠的服務模式 並非每個照護機構都需要造口照顧服務 有些機構并不需要門診服務 而有些其他特別是位于人口密集區的機構對於有傷口或造口的病患會需要提供門診服務的病患所需


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    不過應該不是職位 而是這種服務在保健醫療中的地位功能要續存的話 則應....

  • 6 years ago


    個人比較偏好用 背景、環境


    who must deliver the expected product if their positions are to remain viable


    既然前面講雇用單位對 WOCN 有所期待


    就是要他們能提供符合預期的服務 (product)

    否則他們的職位 (position) 就會不保



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