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Anne or Ann?

I'm mixing my two grandmother's names, "Lesley" and "Abby" for Lesby, and I want to make the middle name Ann/Anne after my mother (Anna-Marie). Which spelling do you think looks better? Thanks.


Lesby Anne it is! Thanks everyone!

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    You should make the first name Ann and the middle name Lesby. Please don't make the first name Lesby. No she's not my kid, and no I'm not naming her but I strongly feel like she would get bullied because of her name. I admire you for using creativity but I think you should change the name. If I was in middle and high school and my name was Lesby, everyone would probably call me a lesbian. But if your thoughts are different I totally respect that. I was just telling you my exact thoughts.

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    No offense, but Lesby isn't that great of a name, and people could make fun of your future daughter...

    Concerning the Anne/Ann question, I think Ann looks better for a middle name.

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    My middle name is Ann and I've always preferred Anne. Ann just looks incomplete to me.

  • Angel
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    6 years ago

    Anne, it's like a mix of your mother's name. Hope it helps! :)

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    SO the child would be called "Lesby-Ann"? Really, not funny dear. Try again.

  • Bill
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    6 years ago

    DON'T name your baby Lesby! Kids will make fun of her in school because it is so close to Lesbian.

  • layla
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    6 years ago


  • 6 years ago

    If you name your daughter lesby she would be called a lesbian in school

  • Bella
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    6 years ago

    word of wise: lesby is gonna get your kid called "lesbian"

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