Why did Zayn Malik leave One Direction?

I'm confused as to why he left the band and I want the full and honest truth. No rumors or hoaxes please. Thanks!

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  • 6 years ago
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    Zayn hasn't spoken too much into detail about his decision on leaving, however it has been apparent on his face that he had been very stressed. He was pictured at a club with a girl, Lauren Rich, which sparked medias attention. Many directioners were sending hate to Zayn, and articles gossiped and added to the rumor. Zayn then tweeted "I'm 22 years old... I love a girl named Perrie Edwards. And there's a lot of jealous ***** in this world I'm sorry for what it looks like x." It was not long after that One Direction posted on Facebook that Zayn was leaving. On that post, he claimed he is "...leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight." Two days after, a phone interview with Zayn took place. There, he stated things such as, "It's not that I've turned my back on them or anything, it's just that I just can't do that anymore because it's not the real me,” and, “I did try to do something that I wasn't happy doing for a while, for the sake of other people's happiness." From this evidence, we can inference that he wasn't enjoying his job as much as he used to, he was very stressed, and he was trying to keep everyone happy, while he wasn't happy himself. He just wanted to be normal. However, pictures sprung up of Zayn with Naughty Boy, a record producer and songwriter. Naughty Boy was open and said that they were in the recording studio. Picutres of both in a "Zaughty" (Zayn and Naughty Boy) vest also sprang through. It was confirmed that they were working on songs. A twitter fight erupted between Naughty Boy and Louis Tomlinson, a member on One Direction. Naughty Boy tweeted a video, “Naughty Boy saved Zaughty”, where Zayn's demo of his first solo song was leaked. However, rumors are that Zayn had already recorded his song , "I Won't Mind", long before his decision to quite One Direction. As in, it was a song he wrote for Four (One Direction's fourth album), but did not get put on the album as a track. That rumor is not confirmed. Louis replied with “Wow @NaughtyBoyMusic you’re so inconsiderate pal, seriously how f—ing old are you? Grow up! #masterofallwisdom.” Nuaghty Boy, thinking Louis was talking about a different tweet, replied “@Louis_Tomlinson calm down. was talkin bout Louis Walsh cuz he didn’t let someone through on X factor. Look @ the date of the tweet. ???? #2014.” and Louis tweeted “@NaughtyBoyMusic I was talking about the video you tweeted. Clearly trying to wind the fans up! Well you succeeded anyway. Fair play.” There are many rumors circulating that Zayn and Naughty Boy have paired up secretly in September of 2014, or that Zayn leaving is a set-up. None of these are confirmed. I, as a directioner, respect Zayn's descision of choosing to go solo, as long as he is happy. I just did not appreciate the fact he lied about wanting to be "a normal 22-year-old ."

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    He said he wanted to live a normal 22 year old life, but shortly after he left, he made a song with Naught Boy and Zaughty Boy started trending.... Yeah, I don't think that's a normal 22 year old life -_-

  • Now that he has the fame, he wants to pursue a life and career on his own terms. He's young with his whole life ahead of him. It's his prerogative.

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    He said he wanted to be a "normal 22 year old". He still will never be one. Not many people know this but he didn't really choose to leave and it wasn't his choice. He left the OTRA tour due to stress without management's permission and they "kindly" asked him to leave. everyone thinks he choose to leave but he didn't if i'm not mistaken. Hopefully, he comes back soon.

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    He just got sick of the celebrity life. Not everyone can handle that kind of fame. You have no privacy whatsoever.

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    Becouse He just did

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    He just wanted to do something that means something to him and something he loves that is why he posted "#realmusic"

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