How can I get oil paint out of clothes?

Hello. I enjoy oil painting once a week, but I am a generally messy person. It gets on my clothes, even if I wear an apron. I have gotten paint on lots of clothes and need help. Any suggestions?

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  • 5 years ago
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    I love oil painting too! What I do is always have old socks on hand to dab and wipe at any spills right away. Every time we find that one of our socks has a hole in it, or some other sign that we don't want to wear it anymore, it is retired to the painting area. I have a whole big stack of them. I keep one on the easel at all times, and one near my palette. Any time I have to wipe a drip, I use a sock. Unlike terry cloth towels or paper towels, there is nothing shedding onto my brushes or paintings. Afterwards, I dispose of the socks.

    I also wear aloe gloves when I paint. You can buy them at overstock or amazon. They have dehydrated aloe on the inside, which heats up as you wear them and coats your hands. That way, you don't dry out your skin with all the washing you have to do.

    I paint while naked, which may not be an option for you depending on your living situation. My partner and cats don't mind me being naked, and the cats aren't allowed in the garage anyway, where I paint. It's easier to clean myself off easier than getting paint out of clothes. Once it's in, it's in. No taking it out.

    My advice is wear only the clothes for painting that already have paint on them, those are your painting clothes. Don't wear any more clothes during painting that you want to keep pristine.

    If you wear something sleeveless or with short sleeves, another solution is to cut a slit in the bottom of a large black garbage bag for your head to poke through, and wear the bag as a smock. Throw it away when you're done. The bag won't care if it gets paint on it. You can also buy nylon smocks that stylists use while dying clients' hair, but then you'll have to wash that. We're going for disposable here.

    Good luck and don't feel too bad about the paint on your clothes. Wear it like a badge of honor; you're an artist, be proud! You earned that mess. A lot of people have never even once painted with oils.

  • 5 years ago

    Forget trying to get it out. There is a cleaner for brushes that have paint dried into them, called brush restorer, and it would probably remove paint from fabric. However, it's expensive, and it takes a while to work, and then you have to wash the brush restorer out of the clothes. If you have to remove much paint or remove it often, it would be cheaper to buy new clothes unless you're wearing good clothes to paint in.

    You can 1) learn not to slop paint all over, or 2) get a better apron, or wear coveralls, or 3) use only certain clothes when painting

  • 5 years ago

    I agree with the others. Wear "just for painting" clothing and don't mind the paint spots, or paint in the nude. But if you haven't heard of turpentine (distilled pine sap), then you can use this product on paint spots that are still wet (before the paint has dried). Just squirt a little turpentine on the spot, then rub vigorously, then a little more turpentine, etc. etc. and then apply Dawn or other liquid detergent to the spot and wash in the washer immediately. Most oil paint spots will be completely gone with this method.

  • 5 years ago

    Dried oil paint is virtually impossible to get out of clothing. There are chemicals you can use to remove some (not all) of it but they are usually harmful to cloth. Do like I do. I have my "painting clothes" for when a project presents itself. After the paint is completely dry I wash them like other clothes. They are "clean" even if they don't look like it. You can see nearly any color I have ever used. I am a bit messy also.

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  • 5 years ago

    wear the same few clothes when you paint

    or coveralls - you can get cheap disposable ones at a hardware store

    or paint in the nude, but then you'd be rubbing paint onto furniture and messing up your bathtub/shower

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