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「家」 - 本是讓我們居住且有安全感的地方,但在劏房中不曾見有能讓人安心立命之地。反之,危機處處、新聞不斷,如荃灣二坊坡的火災,教人惶惶不可終日。貧困的一群只能練就堅忍的意志以抵抗磨人的環境。



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    --------Housing and a good living exvironment is a basic human right, but ironically the prosperity of HK developes hundreds of thousands of people having no accesss to welfare, having no access to proper living environment. Today, sub-divided rooms everywhere. Pace of life in HK are in such haste that living in a sub-divided room of perishable smell,deep sultry sq.ft. are hard to breathe a breath of fresh air, but more than that,cramped space for family relationships are even worse influenced.

    ---------Home is where we live and have a sense of dwelling-place, but never seen in the sub-divided rooms we settled in. Conversely, news of the crisis continuous, such as Tsuen Wan Fong Po fire being overshadowed.A bunch of poverty can only be strengthened along the will to resist a severe punishing environment.

    ---------There is not a sounding housing policy by supporting the poorest group of public with housing demands have a "Household Lodging."

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  • 5 years ago


    Housing and good living environment this is a basic human right, but ironically, the bustling capital of Hong Kong, thousands of people are still not properly benefits, lack of proper living environment. Today, Tang rooms everywhere. Hong Kong is so rapid pace of life, living in a world of heavy odor of feet deep sulk foot Saw difficult breath of fresh air; however harsh environment than air, cramped space for family relationships even more torn.

    "Home" - this is where we live and let a sense of security, but in 劏 room Bu Zengjian have to make people Xinli life of the land. On the contrary, the crisis everywhere, news constantly, such as a fire in Tsuen Wan Fang slope, teach people living in fear. A group of poverty will only be trained to resist wear stoic human environment.

    At present, the housing policy is not a perfect package to a group of poverty, housing shortage, we also recommend seeing all sorts, Hebei grassroots good "nest ranks."

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  • 5 years ago

    Housingand a good livingenvironment is the basic human rights, but ironically, the bustlingHongkong, with one hundred thousand people still have no benefits,should not theliving environment. Today, Tang room everywhere. The pace of life in Hongkongis so fast, in afull, deep heavysmell in feet feet roomto breath fresh air; however, more thanthe airenvironment,cramped space to let family relationships more tear."Home" - this is tolet us live andhave a sense of security, but in the dressing roomdid not see people settle into place.On the other hand,crisis everywhere, such as news constantly, Tsuen WanFang Po two fire,to teach people tobe in a constant state of anxiety.Poor people who only have strong willto resist thegrinding environment.Thecurrent housing policyis not a perfect supporting poor group,housing demand, asall we have suggested, letthe grassroots, have good "nest".

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