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English book report Plz!




No. of pages:

Which is your favourite part of the book?Why?

What is the most interesting thing you have learnt from the book?

How has the story inspired you?

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    Explanation of what happened in the definitions:-favourite---interest---Inspire ?!To Explain your 3 problems in your problem?!

    Title:-The Boy Who Draws Dragon----All in present tense

    Author---Adventure Mystery, Chinese. Author---1609---1664

    Publisher---Washington Bk Press. USA

    Total no. of Pages:- 90

    Characters:-Abbot of Monastery,



    ----NY Monster

    Which is your favourite part of the book? Why?

    Answer:-The three questions part from Abbot to Boy. is my favourite part,since it shows the good will,good deed, good turn to plan; the service and value to society to have a favourable comments by understanding only in the monastery.A favourable reputation gained and go home.draw the dragon with inspiration and imagination.We should learn his creativity, enthusiasm, and genius.

    What is the most interesting thing you have learnt from the book?

    Answer:-Things and experiences can be interesting in many ways.Once the dragon of Japan kill the NY monster are given here similiar to the dragon of China kill the NY monster.They both are curiously engaging the dragon boy's inspiration and imagination power behind a dragon..

    How has the story inspired you?

    Answer:-At first the boy is encouraged to go to the monastery for famine at the country by the NY monster.

    He has to learn and inspire us to paint well,despite the idea of being kicked away by Abbot to a smaller monastery to creat the inspiration of painting behind a dragon continuously..

    The boy inspires us to kill the monster through his painting of dragon and creates success and returns home with the recovery of farming.

    It inspire us by having a skill, an ability, an experience to master a profession.

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