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Sword art online anime info?

I do not want any spoilers.. I just want to know how good the second season is? I finished the 1st season & extra parts but some people say 2nd season is trash ???? I also want to know if there is enough romance between kirito and asuna or atleast as much as the first season..

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    I'm not sure what you mean by 'second season'. Do you mean...

    a) The second half of Sword Art Online (Eps 15-24)?

    If yes, then indeed the 'people' are right. That part of Sword Art Online is crap and a waste of your time. Don't even bother.

    b) Sword Art Online II (the 24 episode second season)?

    If that's what you mean, then it means you've probably already experienced the horror of the second half of Sword Art Online (the ALO arc). Sword Art Online II is divided into three arcs, and I'll describe them here:

    a) Death Gun Arc (eps 1-14): This arc is a step up from the ALO arc; it has a good mystery involved, quite interesting, but it's nothing compared to the first 14 episodes of the original SAO.

    b) Caliburn Arc (eps 16-18): Don't bother, it's a boring filler arc with no sense of danger/urgency whatsoever.

    c) Mother's Rosario (eps 19-24): This arc, in my opinion, is the reason why you should watch SAO II in the first place. It is an amazing arc and has allowed SAO to redeem itself. Just a word of warning: if you are the type of person who cries in animes, then have a box of tissues ready.

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      I agree about the first season. The first 14 episodes when they were stuck in SAO were so much better than the other half

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    It's really not that good and nothing much really happened and they keep having flashbacks to things that we didn't even see in the first season. I was kind of confused. Sinon is a new character that got introduced and she's pretty cool but that's all (also kirito became a girl for some reason which was really weird). The 3rd arc was okay but it kind of came out of nowhere and Sinon just stopped showing up. We get introduced to a new character named Yuki who unfortunately didn't get enough character development (but that's how most of the characters are). And I guess she's stronger than Kirito who I recall being the most overpowered character in the entire show? Anyway this is why I never really liked SAO, I think season one is far more entertaining than season two.

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    Asuna is only a side-character in the 2nd season until the 3rd arc, so Kirito and Asuna's romance doesn't progress very much until around episode 18 (but, it switches Asuna into the protagonist slot and makes Kirito the side-character)

    Before the 3rd arc in the season, it's mainly focused on Kirito and a new girl named Sinon

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    There isn't much romance in this season cause Kirito is in another game until episode 15 and there is also a new girl but there is no romantic interest between them and I didn't like it much after episode 16...But you can watch if you want to cause everyone has their own opinions...

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    It's not trash, it's just not as good as the first season. The story is weak and the action scenes aren't really exciting. there's little romance on the fist half of the season but it picks up more on the second half. new charcters are introduced but they're meh. I wished it was more like the first half of the first season. You might like it tho. everyone has different tastes.

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    The stories of SAO are not that great to begin with, many of the story arcs are jumbled together...

    Much like a comparison to real RPG games, you introduced to a new payable character and you drop the previous char for the new one.

  • 5 years ago

    It's trash.

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