Best colleges for introverts?


I'm mainly looking at colleges in North Carolina, so any NC college recommendations would be especially welcome

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    I would avoid the smaller schools (under 8-10,000). Small schools tend to have small class sizes, which means there's often a lot of class discussion and oral presentations. And class participation is sometimes part of your grade; so if you aren't comfortable speaking up in class, that can hurt you. At a larger school, with bigger classes and lecture halls, you can quietly listen to the lecture, take your notes, and anonymously go about your business without ever being put on the spot.

    Socially, smaller schools tend to have more of a high school atmosphere. Everyone knows each other, and it can get rather judgey and cliquish. If you're not real outgoing, it can be harder to be accepted into a social group. Bigger schools are totally different. With so many people, it's impossible to know who everyone is. So there aren't any "cool people" or "popular groups." There are just groups of friends who enjoy hanging out together, and nobody worries about what anyone else is doing. And since large schools have a lot more clubs and organizations of all sorts, it can actually be easier to find people who share your interests. People often assume that an introverted person might feel "lost" or "overwhelmed" at a really big school, but it can actually be quite the opposite.

    Here are the four-year colleges and universities in North Carolina with over 8,000 students:

    Western Carolina University - Cullowhee, NC

    Enrollment: 8,787

    Acceptance Rate: 43%

    Average ACT: 20-24

    Average SAT: CR 460-560; M 470-560; W 430-530

    North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University - Greensboro, NC

    Enrollment: 9,203

    Acceptance Rate: 58%

    Average ACT: 16-21

    Average SAT: CR 410-490; M 420-500; W 390-480

    University of North Carolina - Wilmington, NC

    Enrollment: 12,952

    Acceptance Rate: 59%

    Average ACT: 22-26

    Average SAT: CR 550-630; M 560-640; W 520-620

    University of North Carolina - Greensboro, NC

    Enrollment: 15,173

    Acceptance Rate: 60%

    Average ACT: 119-24

    Average SAT: CR 470-550; M 470-550; W 440-530

    Appalachian State - Boone, NC

    Enrollment: 16,255

    Acceptance Rate: 63%

    Average ACT: 23-27

    Average SAT: CR 530-620; M 530-620; W 500-600

    University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC

    Enrollment: 18,350

    Acceptance Rate: 29%

    Average ACT: 27-32

    Average SAT: CR 600-690; M 610-710; W 590-700

    University of North Carolina - Charlotte, NC

    Enrollment: 22,216

    Acceptance Rate: 64%

    Average ACT: 21-25

    Average SAT: CR 490-570; M 510-600; W 480-560

    East Carolina University - Greenville, NC

    Enrollment: 22,252

    Acceptance Rate: 77%

    Average ACT: 19-23

    Average SAT: CR 470-550; M 480-560; W 440-530

    North Carolina State University - Raleigh, NC

    Enrollment: 24,773

    Acceptance Rate: 51%

    Average ACT: 26-31

    Average SAT: CR 560-650; M 600-680; W 540-630

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    Best Colleges For Introverts

  • 5 years ago

    I don't think it honestly matters. Maybe a college that only has around 10k to 15k students. Big, but not too big. I went to that type of school and I am introvert a little bit.

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