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Is the Confederate flag unpatriotic?

Is it against the American flag and the patriots who fought for it?

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    Strictly speaking, the flag you normally see was not the actual Confederate flag. It was the Condederate battle flag, designed to make it easier to distinguish on the battlefield from the US flag. As for whether or not the battle flag is unpatriotic, I would suggest it is and my family has lived in the South for much of the past 300 years or so. Feeling pride in ancestors is one thing. But the actual incorporation of the battle flag into the various Southern state flags didn't occur until the Civil Rights struggle. It was intentionally adopted at that point as a symbol of defiance to the US government. It's disingenous.at best to pretend there is no connection with its display to white supremacy and racism.

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    They decided to separate from the Union and go to war with the US. They lost and were annexed again. Ever since then, peace has been established between the Southern states and they think of themselves as Americans. The confederate flag has just become a symbol of Southern pride, not civil war. We went to war with Great Britain twice, but they're one of our closest allies now. Just because we went to war with the CSA 150 years ago doesn't mean that they're still enemies. People in the South are happy as Americans and are just as patriotic as people up North, if not more.

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    Yes, because it stands for things that are a direct assault and hypocrisy to the foundational ideals of our nation.

    If you understand the foundations upon which our nation's ideals formed our nation, then you would understand that no person can intrinsically be regarded as less than equal, there can be no sought-after purity in human races, and that all people must be allowed full equivalency under the law without conditions aside from choices made by the individual, i.e. the content of the individual's character.

    Also, the Confederacy represents a failed doctrine, a doctrine that would have left us weak, divided, and vulnerable.

    That is why the Republicans had to come in and correct the danger, and they formed a more perfect nation that still stood upon the foundational ideals of the the nation.

    And now that Democrats can no longer destroy us by pulling us into the extreme of too little government, they now pull in the opposite extreme, to destroy us by too much government.

    (yes the comma between extreme and to was intentional because I am creating a pause there to attach a separate idea even though it sounds like it should be in the same idea. We are the artists of our own words, i.e. why it's called language arts.)

    However, being a conservative, I actually do believe in the rights of everyone to express themselves, thus though I disagree and reject the ideals of the Confederate flag, I defend the rights of those who believe in it to display it upon their truck.

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    The flag is from another country full of traitors. They waged our bloodiest war in history against the true USA. They were so dangerous, there could be no truce. The nation had to be obliterated.

    Surely at one point the flag was considered treason. I don't care if people waive it around today because of southern pride, or even if some are trying to be offensive. But they must acknowledge the first part of this statement and don't act like they don't know why it offends some Americans .

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    Flags can't be 'unpatriotic', only people.

    People who fly or otherwise proudly display the confederate flag are unpatriotic.

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    It was a war against a United States, so in that sense yes its unpatriotic.

    They often proudly claim the title of rebels, and when I hear that I wonder if they understand that what they were rebelling against was America.

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    Besides its the flag of loosers.Why do old time southern whites with certain beliefs confuse thier failed social ideas with patriotic ideas,when they attempted to create a whole nation from these beliefs and ideas and failed tremendously?

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    It represents a defeated "country" that rebelled against the US; it is a sign of weakness if we allow it to be displayed in the US.

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    Its meaningless. It represents a non-existent country.

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    Not really. Six flags have flown over Texas, for example, and they deserve to be proud of their diverse heritage. Liberals hate diversity.

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