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NFL Rumor Mill: Cutler to TEN for #2 pick?

There's a rumor floating about that the Bears would like to trade Jay Cutler -- the most hated man in Chicago, at least during football season -- to the Titans for Tennessee's #2 overall pick. The Bears would then draft Marcus Mariotta.

Chicago will probably have to sweeten the deal by throwing in a draft pick or two, but does the trade make sense?

Tennessee gets an experienced, albeit inept, quarterback to start ahead of Zach Mettenberger and Captain Clipboard, Charlie Whitehurt. And Chicago rids itself of Phil Emery's albatross while adding a talented youngster who could develop quickly by teaming with all the weapons the Bears have on offense.

Does anyone see this deal getting done?

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    A month ago, I would of said no team would be stupid enough to trade away their young starting QB for Sam Bradford. As an Eagles fan, I sat here stunned. Anything is possible I guess...even some team taking on Cutler's massive contract. To be fair, he only has to play on the Titans (or Bears)for 2 more seasons..then in 2017 he can be cut and only count $2 million against the cap.

    As much as I just want to dismiss this rumor as garbage, it has a little (not much) plausibility. But honestly, I just can't see the Titans bringing in a guy like Cutler. Tennessee is bad on offense and defense. I can see the need for draft picks, but I can't see bringing in a guy with a terrible locker-room personality like Cutler. Nobody wants their young players getting their impressions from a slug like Cutler. Even though Jay is a veteran, I really don't think he is the type of guy you bring in to spill out "veteran leadership" to young players.

    My gut is the Titans are squeezing my Eagles. There is no doubt that Chip wants Mariotta. He can deny it all he wants, but it is the worst kept secret (and now add to the fact that the Eagles team store sells Demarco Murray and Byron Maxwell jerseys, but no Sam Bradford jerseys...and employees say they have not heard about getting any in). Problem is, this trade involves the Jets and Browns (somehow). Tennessee is sitting at #2 saying "Uhhhh...what about us. We want Marcus too"...and this would really throw a wrench in Chip's plan (whatever that is). This draft is going to have a lot of drama

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    There are all kind of rumors at this time of year. Cutler to Tennessee makes a little sense because Cutler did go to Vanderbilt and at least has some tie to the fans there. It really depends on how Tennessee feels about Mariota who needs development and Mettenberger. Cutler has talent but has shown his limitations. I don't really see this one, but you never know.

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    I can see it happening!Depending on what picks Chicago is willing to give up.Lets face it Jay is better then what Tenn has now.Chicago is regretting giveing Jay the big money they gave him and would love to dump that huge contract.

    Problems are going to arise for both teams.Jay is still Jay and there is no reason to believe that he can reverse the course that his career has taken.

    The Bears if they were to take Mariotta will be throwing a rookie in the starting postion right away.This very seldom works in the NFL

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    Cutler should go to Canada or to the Arena League. Tennessee needs either Rivers to mentor Mettenberger or they need to pick Mariota or Hundley or someone else this year.

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    Cutlers contract is a deal breaker. Unless he is willing to rework it as part of a trade, the Bears are stuck with the head case.

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    Nope. Nobody will trade for Cutler and his contract.

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    No one would want Cutler.

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    Tennessee would be completely imbecilic to hand over Mariota for that stiff.

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    Alot of rumors this time of the year though.

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    No if anything the Titans will trade for phillp rivers

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