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Luke asked in 社會與文化語言 · 6 years ago

after what aid, 請問這裡的what是關代嗎?

Amateur video shows the damage caused by Cyclone Pam in Port Vila, the capital of the Pacific island of Vanuatu.

At least eight people have so far been confirmed dead after what aid agencies are describing as one of the worst disasters in Pacific history, which saw winds of up to 210 miles an hour (340 kph), ripping roofs off houses and downing trees.


after what aid, 請問這裡的what是關代嗎?是 the thing that嗎?


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    6 years ago
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    what是「帶先行詞的關係代名詞」(= the thing which),用來帶出「名詞子句」,當作介系詞after的受詞。

    aid agencies are describing A as B(這是附屬子句裡動詞與受詞的邏輯關係)

    前者A指的是Cyclone Pam(因為前一句之中己出現過,所以設法避去,以免重複)

    後者B是of of the worst disasters in Pacific history

    aid agencies是「複合名詞」,不可拆開來看。

    after the thing which aid agencies are describing as B


    2015-04-15 13:00:34 補充:

    typo: 後者B是one of the worst disasters in Paific history


  • 6 years ago

    aid agencies 救援單位

    句型類似 what they are describing as the greatest disaster


    字典例子:a. That which; the thing that: Listen to what I tell you.

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