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Why is Espn so Anti -ACC in reporting sports news?

Espn college football news reporting was all about ACC unbeaten team florida state .

Exactly like kentucky in college basketball florida state miraculously had an unbeaten run for two seasons .

But espn reporting was not about their remarkable undefeated run but it was about their quarterback unsubstantiated untrue reporting of a rape allegation which was deemed false by the law enforcements .

Negative reporting was almost everyday and they put Jameis winston on microscope for cursing few words in public, for forgetting to pay for crab legs and an dismissed case from couple of years ago while there were actual recent rape cases in SEC which missed the front pages .

Now DUKE put ACC on the limelight again and i swear I haven't heard the conference name from any of eSpn reporting on the championship game .

I have never seen a network disparage their sponsored conference this much ever .

Maybe , They are scared that they have to pay the conference more or might have to regonitiate the ACC contract .

The cheap contract they have with ACC will look bad as the conference gets more limelight and bigger success on the sports biggest arena .

Bad officiating Reporting in espn goes like this " coach k was constantly talking to the officials and in second half Allen got those calls to make 3 point plays ??? Is espn implying coach k is influencing ref calls?

Media should watch what they report .... For example :: Rolling Stones Alleged gang rape news on UVA fraternity .

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    Because, as Blocking Back has repeatedly pointed out, the two "C's" in ACC stand for Cup Cake. Why do you need ESPN to stroke your ego for you? Is your team (or conference I guess since you're a bandwagoner) winning the national title not enough?

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    Huh? What, have you been living under a rock for 30 years? ESPN is anything but "Anti-ACC" especially when it comes to basketball. They are extremely pro North Carolina/Duke. In terms of football, obviously they are extremely pro SEC and anti everyone else, but they have a financial investment into the SEC even though they try to spin it and say "we show games from every conference". The next time they say something negative about the SEC and spend more than 30 seconds on it, it will be the 1st time.

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