Can somebody please tell me, in the movie what song is playing at the back when Lover boy comes in Devon's room as she is dancing for tugboa?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Hey, so I recently watched GIRLHOUSE and googled a couple things for trivia purposes afterwards like I usually do when watching ANY movie. This is how I came across your question. Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks as though you have left quite a few YouTube comments as well trying to find out what thins song is. If that wasn't you, then you also have other people out there searching for the same answer.......

    Now, I consider myself to be pretty cluey with stuff, so I decided to rise to the challenge of your question.

    I went through the soundtrack on IMdb but had no luck there.

    I listened to lyrics and googled them and had no luck there either.

    I too then found myself a little taken back at why in this day in age with ALL of our interwebs and such, I was unable to find out what this song was. Especially coz, you know, I'm a mastermind and all.....

    But then, I went directly to the GIRLHOUSE credits at the end where the songs are listed. Here, I applied the old process of elimination and crossed off songs it couldn't be. Which left only really one......

    Here are the details cited directly from the credits of GIRLHOUSE

    'Handz In da Air'

    Written by Ali Theodore,

    Zach Danziger & Julian Davis

    Performed by: Sizzle C

    Courtesy of Deetown Entertainment

    You will notice the title also reinforces the recurring auto-tuned lyrics in the track's chorus as Miss Devon is dancing up a storm, and using this theory, by my standards albeit unofficially (but as officially as you can get otherwise) naming THIS song as THE song you have been trying to track down.

    Now, I have researched the songwriters and Ali Theodore matches the type of songwriter that this would be.

    He produces all sorts of rap and hip hop based songs for movies, plus some rock too.

    His catalogue to me supports the type of song this is as well; as in, it sounds pretty gangsta but is most likely written by a smart white guy.

    I, like you, don't mind the sound of the song.

    I'm not crazy about it, but it's aiiiight!

    However, it IS your run of the mill rap lyrics, about cash, nightclubs and money and it's all pretty generic.

    Which is the final reason why I am pretty certain THIS IS THE SONG YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!

    The track oozes a rushed, generic, hollywood (let's get this done quickly for a soundtrack) type vibe but at the same time it is shiny and well produced.

    It's also not on the soundtrack.

    Also, Sizzle C (the rapper in it) doesn't have it online anywhere and you will notice that he was only the "performer" not the "artist" in the citation, so I'm guessing he doesn't own the track.

    So - now, thanks to me (unless I am wrong which is ALWAYS a possibilty), you have finally figured out what this song is called - and that's the good news........

    The bad news is you can't get this song anywhere - anywhere that I can find online anyways.

    But - I will leave the rest of this quest up to you young padawan.

    I have come far enough, far more than I ever expected in this EPIC quest to "find that song" for ya.

    I hope I helped, and good luck with it all from here!!!!!

    And hey..... if all else fails..... there is plenty of better rap stuff I could suggest for you anyways.

    Godspeed friend and may the force be with you.........

    Facebook Page: Sean Michael Millar

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    • Jason2 years agoReport

      I ve been looking all over youtube & cant find this song :-( can someone plz tell me the search words?

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  • 5 years ago
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