I'm 19, a Christian, but gradually turning into an atheist...please help?

I was brought up in a highly spiritual and Christian family, Orthodox to be specific, but I'm gradually turning atheist. Here's why: I don't see any logical, rational reason of believing that there's a place above the clouds (or in a different dimension) that contains "God"

The scenarios that happened in the Bible are very irrational and would NEVER happen in today's lifetime,...such a flood wiping out the entire world, a sea being separated, a virgin being pregnant, a blind man being healed with mud applied to his eyes, a man surviving being eaten and trapped by a whale, etc..

My prayers I made over the years were never answered, I never heard or saw "my guardian angel", I never felt the presence of a lost loved one, and if there WAS a God, he certainly wouldn't have allowed 9/11, school shootings, and other tragedies to happen...

Overall, I'm becoming more skeptical now and it's very hard for me to believe in God by LOGIC. It's easy for someone to belief in god by faith, but I go by logic with everything. Is it normal for Christians to think things over, go their own way, and go by their own belief preferences?


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    Ok firstly Noahs Ark. Noahs Ark is not a true story. It is a jewish story. Most Christians will tell you it never happened. You can still be in a Christian if you don't believe in Noahs Ark. Most Christians don't.

    Moses separated not the Red Sea. Its a mistranslation. The REED Sea is the place he travelled through.

    See Moses was meant to lead the people into Canaan. The Reed Sea is a sea nearby Canaan which would make more sense. For this reason we believe Red Sea was a mistranslation.

    Also separated the Reed Sea is actually not such an unbelievable thing. The Reed Sea oftenly separates itself naturally. Its such a thin river mate. It actually today with a bit of effort could be separated. The Reed Sea is a very narrow river and actually once in about every fortnight it does get a bit apart. Then it washes back in.

    What is said in Exodus is *exactly* what you'd expect the Reed Sea to do. Separate and then wash back up. It does that today automatically. So tbh if I was Moses crossing it wouldn't be such a hard thing. In fact nowadays you could probably separate it. Look up the Reed Sea it does separate and wash back up.

    Now the Virgin giving birth. Mm yes this story does take a bit of faith. The Incarnation. Birth of Christ. I'm going to deal with all the New Testament.

    Jesus said your faith would be tested. Your challenge is to believe that the Incarnation Of God, Crucifixion Of Christ, Ressurection, and the Acension are real stories.Nobody and I mean NOBODY said it would be easy. We said it would be worth it.

    It's hard. I understand. It Is. Jesus himself said this and I quote exactly "Your faith will be sorely tested". Even Jesus lost faith at god sometimes. Of course he believed in him but found it hard to do well Spiritual stuff at times. If a man who is half God is having difficulty with this I think you should well be allowed to as well.

    Jesus himself says believing is not easy. Its hard. But its worth it, it truly is.

    Keep going for him. At least try your best. Trying your best is better then success. That's what I say.

    So just try your best. If you fail you tried your best to believe. That's all God asks of you. And besides do you think he doesn't want you to believe? He's going to fight if you fail to get you to believe again. You tried your best to believe and that's all God asks.

    Your doing great. Keep it up :). You truly are ^-^

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    I ask the same questions all the time. I used to be a Christian, although I was never baptized, but now I'm an atheist. I enjoy everything much more, without the constant pressure to be as perfect as possible. Since I've been an atheist if I make mistakes I apologize/fix it if needed, but I don't have to worry about being punished eternally for it.

    I personally feel like religion is something that will fade away eventually. I think that people along time ago came up with religion and gods to explain things that they didn't have the ability to explain with science. They didn't have the technology or resources like we have today.

    One main thing that made me become an atheist is the fact that there are so many religions. How would you know which is the right one, if one at all. Besides there's so many different beliefs in each religion. For example, in Christianity there's tens of different denominations, if that's a good way to describe them.

    Coming from a Christian family and having attended a Christian school all of my life, something I've noticed is that kids my age and sometimes older and younger (I'm 14 years old) have been taught things and that's what they believe until they are old enough to think for themselves. For example, everyone (except maybe about 3 people in total, including myself) at my school thinks that if you don't believe in god you're automatically some sort of drug addict or alcoholic or addicted to sex or something along those lines. It's crazy because I'm someone who doesn't believe in god, and I've never done drugs, had any form of alcohol, and I'm not addicted to sex. And about 60% of people I've met that are atheists have only say that they're one of none of those things. They are raised to believe whatever they're told, and most of them do.

    I just don't see any evidence that a god could exist, and that's the way I think.

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      God allows a way for you to forgiven for all sins. If a person was judged by the amount of good deeds and type of lifestyle not many would make it to heaven. What about those who made mistakes, in prison, didn't have a chance? How do they receive passage to heaven? It would then be too late for them

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    I've been there. It's also hard to believe (or it would be if we weren't here) that we each have individual consciousness. How did that happen? Yet we do. The Bible is symbolic. God doesn't control people, so bad thing happen. You could read Emanuel Swedenborg's books. He had visions of the spiritual world and wrote many detailed books about his experience and what he was shown. They're so detailed, sometimes complex, and they make sense of everything throughout. It doesn't sound made up and it's too sensible to be from imagination. This is said to be a key part of the Second Coming...to help people believe and understand symbolism. Heaven and Hell says what he saw there. Secrets of Heaven explains the symbolism of the Bible. For example, he says that the days of creation correspond to phases of our spiritual development. It's not literal, at least the old Testament isn't. The Gospels are.

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    If you can't believe in miracles, you can't believe in Christianity. But miracles have to have happened at some time, because if the universe was eternal, the usable energy would have been used up in eternity past. Therefore, there was either matter created out of nothing (a miracle), or it organized itself into usable energy (a miracle). Anything else (i.e. colliding universes) is as untested and miraculous as any appeal to God. So there is no origins scenario that exists without some miracles.

    Once you accept that miracles are possible, you look into things like NDE's. Don Piper was returned to life from someone singing What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Weird stuff. And the NDEs I've seen generally fall into two categories. Those that encounter beautiful and loving beings that claim that they are subject to an ultimate power (i.e. God), who is the source of everything we need. Or they encounter malevolent and lying spirits (i.e. Howard Storm - evil and lying spirits & Dr. Richard Eby - a lying spirit with a deceptive voice). The experiences mostly fall cleanly into those two categories, but it takes some discernment from time to time. The valid (in my opinion) experiences tell us why we're here and what we're expected to do. We are being tested for our quality. Life is supposed to be hard, and we are supposed to make it easier for people. The purpose of life is to love each other and to love God. And those who live by the Spirit actually see miracles in their own lives in the modern day. But if they happened all the time, they wouldn't be considered a miracle. Spiders make webs every day, and nobody seems impressed. I'm impressed. So some things remain rare so that we can point to things and still call them miracles.

    There's so much I want to say, but there's no room to say it! And you might not read it anyway. You stopped at 50 or so messages. It's far more than that now. If you read this, may God bless you and give you an answer to the questions hat most bother you.

    The flood was real and miraculous. You don't have to assume natural processes throughout, because 1. the animals came to Noah - so God could have preseved bugs and whales when they obeyed his natural promptings, and 2. God shut the door on the ark. The ark was not necessary except as an expression of Noah's faith. He could have had Noah stand on a particular rock, holding a feather in his hand and saved him by it. But it wouldn't have worked as well as the flood first and fire second. According to extra-biblical sources, Adam had a prophesy that there would be a destruction once by water and once by fire. It sheds light on the actions of Lot and his daughters, then, doesn't it? If they thought that the earth was just destroyed...

    We are descended from Noah. See Josephus' Antiquities - book 1, chap. 6. It lists the nations with their founders. We know exactly how humanity started if we trust the historians. Pagan gods were mortal men: (http://FromNoahtoHercules.com/ ). There are genealogies from Noah to the kings of Europe in After the Flood by Bill Cooper. And the ToE is made up. See In the Minds of Men by Ian Taylor. The fossil record is manufactured. See Living Fossils II by Carl Werner. And radiometric dating doesn't work. See the RATE project of ICR.

    I hope you find the answers you're looking for. I'm not hopeful based on the tripe you chose as best answer.

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    There is a big mistake in logic made by many atheists. The reason for being an atheist often goes like this:

    Some of the stories in the bible are difficult to believe, and there may be some mistakes in the bible=====> Therefore God doesn't exist.

    This reasoning is illogical because God could exist even IF the bible is not 100% correct, or even if it is 100% wrong. God, in the most general sense, is the brains behind creation. Believing that there is no creator, and that everything formed into existence by luck creates a whole host of things that are impossible to explain. It's pretty much absurd to believe that random forces can account everything that has been created.

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    You may be 19 but you are not a Christian if you are turning atheist. Becoming a Christian means you admit your sins, you make a conscious decision to turn from them (Repent) and by Faith you commit your life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Keep in mind that God is all knowing, all powerful, and ever present and if you have ever sincerely done the above God knows and you are sealed for eternity.Since you don't believe so much of the Bible you could already be an atheist and if so the reward for that is eternal separation from the God who created you (hell). You say you are 19 which is about the right age to think you are the smartest person alive but I promise you will see it differently in a few years. In the mean time I would ask every true Christian to pray for this person.. God bless

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      God is all known and he's also forgiving. Plus, every sin is equal so you saying this is just as bad as not believing. You might want to follow your own religion before insulting another on theirs

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    There's nothing wrong with being an atheist, so there's not a lot of help to give. If you're looking for rational and logical explanations to remain Christian, the only reasonable things for you could do is to disregard the facts you already see see in favor of your faith. By definition, faith is a belief in something despite the absence of proof, and there isn't really a whole lot of proof that Christianity is factually grounded.

    In the end, it's your own judgment call based on what you value more. If you value objectivity and skepticism, then you should embrace your growing atheism; however, if being a Christian is genuinely important to your identity and you truly believe it makes you a better person, then you should choose to keep your faith. There is nothing wrong with either choice as long as you remain an open minded, accepting, and compassionate human being.

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      Hebrews 11:1 "faith IS the evidence" (emphasis added)

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    Thinking things over is something that people are supposed to do on a daily basis, regardless of religion.

    You do ask some very good questions and point out some very popular impossible scenarios that are in the Bible. I honestly don't know how anyone can be persuaded of such nonsense like the flood or a virgin getting pregnant, other than children anyway.

    You also have to take in account the countless numbers and variations of religion, and why they also have followers. If god is really like how most major religions describe them, then he would not be too pleased that so many people worship other "false" gods.

    There is a possibility of god, but no one has successfully proven his existence just yet. There are people who say "prove god doesn't exist," but that argument has a rather big problem. The only way the argument can work is if someone knows for certain that god actually exists. Take this into consideration: If a man were to come up to you and say, "I don't have a Lamborghini," would you ask him to prove that he doesn't have one?

    What you should do is consult religious experts of some sort, and have them provide answers to your questions. If they end up being unsatisfactory, then you will know that it is impossible for you to remain a Christian.

    • Kayley1015 years agoReport

      Proving God isn't the point of Christianity. God isn't pleased by people worshiping false gods but he gave everyone the power to choose. Faith is having complete trust or confidence in someone or something. If you saw God and everyone knew he was really then you wouldn't need faith now would you.

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    You present a really confusing picture of yourself. You aren't "turning" into an atheist, you are "becoming" or have already "become" a non believer in Jesus Christ. That's NOT atheism. Your logic is flawed because you think the things that happened in the time that Jesus walked the earth or Noah's flood would never happen today. That's your "logical" conclusion. You miss the fact that Jesus performed something called MIRACLES. They are called that because they happened and cannot be explained scientifically or logically. They are outside the realm of possibility in both cases. Logically, any scientist will tell you that if you look at a bumble bee, that it cannot possibly fly. It's too large and it's wings are too short to lift it's body and yet it does fly. The bumble bee doesn't know it's not supposed to be able to fly "logically" but it's wings are able to provide the lift for it to fly. That very same "illogical" conclusion and faith in aerodynamics produced the first airplane. Men FLYING in machines could NEVER have happened in the time of Jesus and for centuries afterward. It wasn't "logical" and there was no "science" to say otherwise. Logic is not an absolute truth. Logic can and does lie. Faith in the unknown possibilities, the truth being exhibited, and an acceptance of what you know deep within yourself determines who you are and how you live your life. Logic is a thought process that humans are endowed with, which separates us from animals but it is not a way of life. If it were, logically, people would not climb Mt. Everest just to see if they can and risk death doing it.

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    Did you know that a majority of people who believe in a deity living somewhere above the clouds explain away our tail bones as simply a bone created by said diety? It scares me that millions of people are willing to believe that a God will speak to a person through a burning bush, but they cannot possibly believe in say Bigfoot. Don't be scared to question anything. It shows that you are intelligent and open to both sides of the conversation. Also don't worry about becoming an Athiest. Perhaps you may even be Agnostic? I was raised Jehovah's Witness then Cathloic. As I got older I realized how ridiculous some of the stories were in "My Book Of Bible Stories" book. There was one word that stood out. Stories. People need SOMETHING to believe in because the though of dying and just ceasing to exist seems to pointless or scary. I guess we will all find out when we die. Here are the actual facts about our tailbones. These facts cannot be explained away no matter how hard one may try. We all have tails during embryo stages...I am sorry that people have misled you with the whole deity in the sky story. Here are the actual facts to answer your question. The coccyx, or tailbone, is the remnant of a lost tail. All mammals have a tail at some point in their development; in humans, it is present for a period of 4 weeks, during stages 14 to 22 of human embryogenesis.[14] This tail is most prominent in human embryos 31–35 days old.[15] The tailbone, located at the end of the spine, has lost its original function in assisting balance and mobility, though it still serves some secondary functions, such as being an attachment point for muscles, which explains why it has not degraded further.

    • The coccyx is an anchor point for muscles, not a dummy structure or a receding tail. Read up on these and see if you would like to live without it. These are only a few.

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