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Are you aware that amongst the top 30 leading run scores in ODI cricket of ALLTIME ABD has the highest average?

His average is 53.65 higher than everybody elses on the list which is an achievement on its own. He also has the third highest career strike rate on the list with 99.65 only Afridi and Sehwag have better strike rates.

Did I mention he has played fewer matches and batted in fewer innings than every other player in the top 30. This isn't really a question its just an opportunity for me to brag about the best best batsman in the world and probably the most talented batsman of ALLTIME.

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    Pretty good. On par with Amla and Bevan, at a faster rate.

    Tell you what, considering the conditions under which he played, Sir Viv is up for a gong as well.

    IVA Richards (WI) 1975-1991 167inns 6721runs 189*hs 47.00 avg.

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    I don't care too much about stats. If a player plays for team to win stats generate. Mind you stats don't always tell the true story. Having said that ABD is indeed a fantastic player to watch.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Yes smashing the minnows West Indians attack the last few months has greatly inflated his average and strike rate

  • Rohan
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    5 years ago

    Its easier to have high avg in ODIS these days .Kohli,ABD,Amla etc They all have 50+avg in odis

    Amla has 55.6 avg in Odis

    • Xabiso5 years agoReport

      there's this notion that test cricket is harder than ODI cricket for batsmen which I don't think is true it depends on the player e.g Michael Vaughan was a decent test player but in ODI's he wasn't so good. Some great test players would struggle in ODI's. Legends should be good at both

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  • 5 years ago

    Yes i know about that

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