Female friend who only want to be friend keep asking a lot of favors.?

This girl who I wanna date, only wanna be a friend. Yet I spend some great deal of time with her, she occasion ask me for help and other favors. Like take her to Costco using my membership, help move etc.. All those little things,it pile up after while up. If this was my siblings then I don't mind. She said she's single yet it seem doesn't mater what I do for her she refuse to go on relationship. She does some thing for me like make me a cake and dinner but isn't it balance.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    She is using you and you know it as much as me. If she knows you really like her she wouldn't be doing this to you if she slightly cared about you.

    Nice guys get nowhere...

    Source(s): I'm one
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