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It was reported that he was involved in the arson which happened in the neighboring area.

註:neighboring area 被扣分了,請問有問題嗎?一定要neighborhood?


Government should formulate stricter laws to protect customers' rights.

註:formulate 被扣分,請問制定法律可否用此動詞?



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    Let me explain the difference between "neighborhood" and "neighboring area":

    "neighborhood" is the area where you ARE IN, including the immediate surrounding area (like within a few block of where you are).

    "neighboring area" is OUTSIDE of the area where you are in. It means the area that is NEXT to your neighborhood (maybe several miles away from where you are).


    Law is NOT done by formulating, but by LEGISLATING.

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    block ==> blocks

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    The use of English vocabulary is very precise, this is why, to learn a vocabulary, you cannot ONLY know its Chinese translation, but to understand it in its English interpretation. If you want to learn vocabulary well, you shall start using an English-English dictionary.

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    Let me ask you this: what is the difference among these words:

    outing, tour, trip, travel, journey, excursion, expedition ...

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    Roughly, they all can translate as "旅行", but what makes them different is the distance and time duration.

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    For example:

    You cannot use:

    We have a journey of British museum.


    We have a tour of British museum.

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    1. 句子的冗長:

    It is reported that he is involved ... which ...

    2. which的使用:

    ... in the arson in the neighborhood. (O)

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    (O) the area which you are in

    (O) the area where you are

    (X) the area where you are in

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    1.) 鄰近區域

    in the nearby area

    2.) formulate 限於提案策劃

    Within the national legal framework, local government can formulate stricter local laws, regulations,...


    中文"制定" 在句中 非單純指通過法案,而更有要求"雷厲施行" 的意思,可選擇 impose enact, implement, enforce...

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    3.) 3.) customers' rights. 客戶的權益???

    消費者權利 consumer rights

    消費者保護法 Consumer protection law

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    neighboring area也有人用,意思是鄰近地區

    neighboring的意思:1.鄰近附近 2.比鄰(next to的意思)

    neighborhood則可以指1.鄰居 2.鄰近地方 或指特定的地區

    至於formulate 可以

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