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Question for commercial pilots. What is the most difficult airport to land in?

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    Some airports in Nepal are extremely difficult to land at -

    Mountains, high elevation, difficult approach -

    One which requires a good planning and be very careful in USA is Aspen, CO -

    And know you engine failure procedures and where you go if it happens on takeoff -

    The worst I used to land at (long ago) was Tegucigalpa Toncontin Airport, Honduras -

    I used to land there in my Pan Am days - But 727's can land virtually anywhere -

    Boeing should have called 727's the first jet STOL airplane -

    That plane was incredible with 40 flaps, Vref 120, use nose wheel brakes if needed -

    Youtube thumbnail

    With the airlines, some difficult airports are "captain landing only" -

    You cannot leave the first officer try a landing - Sorry...!

    For heaven's sake, some co-pilots were flying better pilots than me...!

    Do not tell me that St Maarten (Dutch Antilles) is difficult for landing -

    It is NOT difficult -

    It is just spectacular passing at low altitude over the beach -

    The runway is decently long even for a 747 -

    And of course, pilots always look at topless ladies on the beach -

    Instead of looking where they will touch down on the runway -

    Well, it is much more fun to be a dirty old man, than a plain old pilot - ROFL -

    Source(s): Retired airline pilot
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    5 years ago

    None if you know what you're doing.

    Really, this question is only going to get loaded answers. Not every pilot has been to every airport in the world. People's answers are going to be their personal experiences. Could differ from person to person. One person may find the airport in Boston the be the most difficult, while another would find Paris. Someone else may think Boston is the easiest.

    If I answered this question, I would say Indianapolis. Mainly this is due to the traffic and congestion. Then again, I only fly between Indy and Manchester, NH. Back and forth.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    It depends on your definition of a "Commercial Pilot" and where that pilot flies.

    As Skipper says, some of the airfields in Bhutan and Nepal are quite challenging, as are those in New Guinea, which are flown by pilots using specialist aircraft, such as Helio Stallions or Pilatus Porters.

    The most exciting airport I used to land at regularly, until the new airport at Chep Lak Kok opened, was Kai Tak in Hong Kong, particularly in a brisk crosswind.

    Currently my favourite "bum puckerer" is Runway 29 at Milford Sound in Fiordland New Zealand

    Again, this is a trifle tricky in any kind of wind.

    Source(s): Retired Airline Captain
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  • 5 years ago

    The one you are unfamiliar with on a day or night when you are tired, the weather is the least favorable and you do not get the most favorable approach. Some of the "bad" airports are relatively easy in good weather, while some of the better ones can be worse in adverse weather at the end of a long day. Here's an "interesting' one that I used to fly into several times per day, often in horrible weather:

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  • as a rule of thumb, those where people are shooting at you.

    your friggin planespotter puckerfactor needle would just go off limits.

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