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10mm vs. 45 ACP?

I have a 1911 45 ACP which I regularly shoot and reload ammo for.

The last time I was on the range, I inquired about renting a 10mm handgun. They have none available; and of the 3 ranges within driving distance, there was only one with one (1) 10mm gun, a Glock 20.

1. How is the recoil of a 10mm vs 45 ACP? 45 ACP +P?

2. I just noticed that Starline Brass sells 10mm Magnum and 10 mm Auto? Is the Magnum for revolvers?

3. What companies manufacture a 1911 chambered in 10mm? And what's the cost of their basic 1911 (10mm).


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    1. The 10mm Auto will shoot the same weight bullet 50% faster than the 45 ACP+P. Basically make the 45ACP+P feel like shooting a lady-gun. The recoil is closer to that of the .44 Magnum than it is to any other cartridges.

    2. 10mm Magnum is a wildcat designed for revolvers. It is kindof pointless, because, ballistically, it is almost identical to the .41 Magnum. For example, the 10mm Mag will sling a 200gr bullet at 1550 FPS. The 41 Mag will sling a 210 gr bullet at 1550 FPS. The 41 Mag is much more common and doesn't require a custom gun to shoot it.

    3. Several do. RIA makes one in the 'budget' 1911 range, and it costs around $600. Some higher end manufacturers do, like:



    Colt and Kimber also make them.

    10mm 1911s generally cost the same as 45 ACP 1911s.

    Personally, I think it is a neat round, but only for hunting or for luls. It is way too much round for defense against 2-legged animals.

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    I don't know of any 10mm 1911's. 10mm is a very powerful round. The 40S&W is a shortened 10mm. Ted nugent carries a 10mm pistol. I have never shot one and don't have any interest in owning one. 45 is a nice round for home defense and competition. I like the 40 personally. Great for several applications.

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    The real question is WHY 10mm? What makes 10mm special?

    If you investigate thoroughly....I'll bet that you will conclude that its just another unnecessary detour.

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    10mm Vs 45

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