Can I bring a T-Mobile phone to Sprint?

I have Brightspot, a prepaid phone service owned by T-mobile. I want to switch to Boost Mobile, on the Sprint network, because it's cheaper and has unlimited texting and more GB of high speed data. BUT I don't want to have to lose my phone, I really love it and its not available from Boost or Sprint.

So... Are they compatible? Or will I have to shell out more money?

(Also, would you recommend Windows Phone? I've been looking into it and it looks really nice.)

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    Sorry, you have to get a Boost mobile phone. BUT, if you go to "Gosmart" mobile, they run on the Tmobile network. You don't even have to unlock your Tmobile phone and still use it and they have BETTER prices then Boost.

    Gosmart: $35 (without auto pay) unlimited talk/text/2.5 gb of high speed data.

    Boost mobile: $35 (w/o autopay) unlimited talk/text/1 gb of high speed data.

    Gosmart : $40/unlimited talk/text/5 gb high speed data.

    Boost mobile: $45 unlimited talk/text/5gb high speed data.

    Gosmart: $45/unlimited talk/text/10 gb of high speed data.

    Boost mobile: $55/unlimited talk/text/10 gb of high speed data.

    Gosmart is supposedly "3G" but their 3g has been clocked as much as 21 mbps in many nationwide markets. That actually is faster then Cricket or Page Plus's so called "lte " which is capped at 5-8 mbps . Basically Gosmart's "3G" can be as much as 4 times faster then other's so called "lte". And you don't have to unlock the phone. Just pop the sim in and get the apn/mms settings. And you're done.

    You can go to Wiki or the Gosmart web page and it will say owned by Tmobile. They are newer and not as famous as Boost but are 1)Cheaper 2) Allow way more different types of phones. 3)Offer more data for the same money without any tricks. 4)Has "3G" that's faster then some carrier's "lte" (which means it reduces all that to marketing bs.

    And I woudn't recommend Windows Phone. Android or Iphone all the way. Windows Phone is floundering. Microsoft owns the desktop but that's old school. In the new smartphone world, Microsoft is a very distant 3rd place. Try getting any good apps on Windows Phone. Android and Iphone get it first.

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