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Still can't change Yahoo avatar even though Yahoo profiles is back?

This is my view on Yahoo profile.

where do I go from here?

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    I am assuming when Yahoo finally finishes their changes you will be able to click the photo. For now you can't. Maybe tomorrow. Most changes are on Mondays.

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    5 years ago

    Right now no one can..... and all we know is that we still can't change or add a Profile Picture or change our Answers Name.

    Staff has said on an answer.....Profiles are in a transitional phase, most features have currently been disabled. The biggest one is profile pictures.

    We were supposed to be able to do that on our New Account info page BUT the Edit Profile Details link on our new account information page that we used for months to get to the Yahoo Profiles to change them is not there now.

    I try twice a day HOPING it will work.

    They haven't updated the instructions on the Help pages so anyone trying there hits a dead end too..

    ****** Clicking Edit Preferences on our Y!A Profile to change your Avatar or Name just goes to the new Account Info page, another dead end.

    It may just be that they are not finished the updates so again Nowhere to go, all we can do is wait and hope it is not something else Yahoo has decided to take away..

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    5 years ago

    link as a picture.

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    5 years ago

    this YA feature has been temporarily disabled.

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