Do Italians agree Amanda Knox was not guilty of murdering Meredith Kercher?

I think Amanda Knox behavior can be explained by marijuana consumption and being high at the time of the crime scene.

I think no evidence points to Amanda actually attacking Meredith.

I think Raphael The boyfriend of Amanda was accomplice to the crime and Guede was also majorly a part of it.

I believe the fight was spurred by an argument concerning Amanda and meredith but Amanda was not the one who committed the murder

The reason Amanda lied to authorities was to protect her boyfriend Raphael because she probably agreed to help him get out of trouble.

I think all 3 of them should shame themselves but Amanda I think didn't do the murder itself. She was just foolish and influenced by drugs to behave normally at the time



No I think Amanda Knox was comforted by Rafael to tell a cover-up story and boyfriend Rafael promised to protect Amanda for telling the lie. They vowed never to tell each other off.

Rafael told Amanda what to say most likely, which is why she was so comfortable lying about it. She had feelings for Rafael and love cancels out fear. She did yoga in the police office because she was convinced she wasnt guilty of the murder and was doing this for Rafael. She was not guilty of murder

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    I think you have it the other way around. I think Amanda helped Rudy, and then dragged her boyfriend into it.

    The fact remains, they BOTH lied to police and made up wild stories that were proven to be false.

    She falsely accused the bartender, of murder, and he was ARRESTED and held for two weeks, for a MURDER, he did not commit...............based on HER say so. His picture was flashed around the world, as "The Murderer".........and he was 100%, totally innocent. In fact, his only crime, was giving both Meredith and Amanda *jobs* in his bar. -----which is what got him into all the trouble.

    Rafele for his part, when questioned about the blood on the knife, made up an entire c0ck and bull story, about cooking with Meredith and accidently "nicking" her with the knife.....for which he continued his story, and claimed he apologized repeatedly......and she accepted his apology -

    Regardless what the knife proves or doesn't prove.......the fact remains , that incident never why did he make up that ridiculous lie.

    Amanda claims she was "beaten" into confessing that the Bartender did it. .......but then couldn't name or point out the officers who beat one witness who was in the room at the time.......and there was no record or evidence of any marks on her, at any time...........from such "beatings". When pressed, for details of these ferocious beatings........her memories once again became very vague.......and when charged with the cops she was accusing.........her "beatings" were toned down to "taps in the back of the head".........which got more theatrically lighter and lighter each display of this "beating" she took.

    She told the cops who entered the home, that Meredith *Always* locker her door, and that was not unusual.

    her other roommates flat out said that was a LIE and Meredith NEVER locked her what reason would Amanda have for saying that............when faced with a cop who wanted to enter the room, where obviously a dead Meredith was sprawled on the floor?

    The murderer, put a duvet over the any criminal psychologist will tell an act of remorse and regret and kindness for the victim..........often indicting a personal connection. If Rudy broke in.......raped and killed her........would he have lovingly covered her corpse with a blanket out of remorse. ? Or would someone who KNEW her, do that?

    So many ridiculous lies were told, and proven to be false........yet because there isn't a VIDEO of the murder taking place...............they overturned the verdict.

    But Amanda has never once explained all these lies..........neither has Rafele.......and all they say is.........yeah well, we were high that night, and don't remember too well.

    Oh well, how how many pounds of pot or hashish did they smoke exactly.......and here's a good who was their DOPE DEALER then? Where did they GET all these drugs from?

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    Amanda Who?

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    Common believing is that Amanda and raffaele had enough resources to pay the best lawyer in Italy.

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    most part of italians consider them guilty... but noone really care

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    no one really cares honestly lol

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    I do not give a ****!

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