What apartments are good in Orlando, Florida for a college student?

Im looking at Ivey on the lake apartments,Boca Club apartments, Emerald Villa apartments, and Oakwood Commons Apartments. Looking at a studio, 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment at these locations.

Basically I just want some insight on these places. How are they? Are there cheaper apartments out there? I will be applying to Valencia College and want to move down there in the fall. I'm currently in Michigan so any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Is there are reason you're looking in that area in particular? It's the rougher side of town and in general I try to avoid living there if I can. I have had the ability to pick a complex that I like and not worry about the cost, but if cost is a serious factor you'll may want to stay in that area for cheaper places. If you're just interested in cheaper and don't care the area look closer to the UCF area. I don't know if you're wanting roommates, but there are several apartments in that area that rent by the room. You generally have 1-3 roommates and pay anywhere from $400-600 a month with utilities included and in some cases the apartment is furnished. You should also take into consideration where you're planning to work b/c if you don't work close to where you live you're going to spend a lot of time and money commuting.

    I noticed you posted a question about Valencia and like the other person said a lot will come down to what you're going to school for. Valencia has a program where you can start with them and finish at UCF getting a BA in whatever subject is offered through UCF. If you're only interested in an A/A or in the few B/A's that Valencia offers then pick whatever school offers the classes you're intersted in. Valencia West is a nice campus that's not too busy so I can generally walk in and take tests without waiting in line. I also like the Osceola campus (don't think that was one you listed), but unless you live in that area it's not worth driving long distances for. I do not like the East campus, it's too small, too many people, and I didn't particularly like the people who worked there.

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    the ones you can afford

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