HELP: How do I remove a dead spider from my violin?

I played the violin last night and I did not notice anthing through the violin's f holes.

Im panicking because I scared of spiders and I saw one today in the violin through the f holes which I think might be dead.

I don't know how on earth it got there and I really need to practice.

All I know is that my bedroom is near the garden.

I left my violin case open in hopes that if its alive it will come out. I don't want to break it because it is a good quality one.

Any advice??????

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  • Tim
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    6 years ago
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    Ah, spiders in instruments. I was just having that conversation a few days ago with a friend here. My problem was spiders in harp strings.

    They are creepy, sure, but you know they're harmless little things normally. I'm sure that if it's alive it's very unhappy in its new home and if it's dead it met a sad end. If it's dead just gently shake the instrument upside down and let it fall out. Be careful you don't dislodge your soundpost. If it's alive it will cling like glue to the violin and you'll have to wait for it to die. But don't worry, a spider is far too small and light to have any effect on your tone and they don't do any real damage while they're in there. It's better not to poke around trying to get it and never spray anything inside to kill it. Leave it open by a cool window and it may be drawn to the light.

    BTW, that friend I mentioned is a serious arachnophobe!

    EDIT: I just had a thought but you should wait till you hear from our violin experts before trying this. Maybe if you lowered a small mothball into the violin it might chase the spider out.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    If he could get in, he should fit back out through the hole. Turn the violin face down and gently tilt it around. You might be able to get him to fall out. If not, at least get him up to the hole with the violin still face down, then pull him out in pieces with a pair of tweezers. You don't want to start poking other things into your violin trying to reach him, and you don't want to use any chemicals or liquids.

    When I was in high school, I took on a few projects for my orchestra director of tilting rented school instruments around until things stupid kids had stuffed into them fell out. Since it is not a repair job, it doesn't take an expert as long as you know enough to handle the instrument carefully. Gravity will do the rest. It is amazing what will fit in those holes. The candy wrappers inside the basses were the worst.

  • Willem
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    6 years ago

    If it's still alive, seal the f-holes and let the little sh*t suffocate.

    If it's dead, try to pick it up with tweezers.

    Source(s): I'm arachnophobic
  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Grab that fiddle and play an eight part round along with this ⇓ and, dead or alive, the little eight legged bastard will waltz its' way out of its own accord.

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