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Why is it said that animal agriculture uses more resources (water, land, etc.) than crops that need to be irrigated and take up land?


In the vegetarian/vegan section, some people who disapprove of meat say that raising cattle and other animals is worse for the environment. This doesn't sound logical to me.

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    Feeding cattle does take more resources and nutrients per pound of food than vegetables. Those who want to push their opinion use any thing they can if it is completely true or not, A pound of meat will get you farther down the trail than a pound of ice berg lettuce and a cow can make meat with grass that is just standing there protecting the earth from erosion. Vegetarians might not like the taste of grass. Balance and management is required in all things.

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    Possibly because it is true. Starling determined that each time you go up the food pyramid, each step has only about 10% efficiency. In other words, it takes about 10 acres to provide as much protein in the form of beef as one acre could provide in the form of grain or legumes.

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