I just got a sexond job and my manager is NOT happy. What shouldbI do?

I told her about the second job and she freaked out, saying that she will schedule me when she needs me, regardless of my change in availability. I already told her that the new job has a set weekend schedule, and she still flipped her lid. She is accommodating the availability of everyone else she is managing, whether it be for a second job or for school, so I don't understand why she won't respect mine.

besides, she was only giving me 12-14 hours a week anyway, and THAT'S why I got the second job on the first place. Rent is a thing....

what should I do? I feel completely disrespected and disregarded. I almost want to put my two weeks in, but I want to see how things go at this new job first...

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Did you ask for more hours at the first job. Your boss is not a mind reader.

    The thing is your boss is irritated at the situation. Do not take it personally. She'll get over it. If she doesn't then quit and tell the new job you are available for more hours.

  • Biff
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    if your first job had the possibility of weekend hours, then you cannot work a 2nd job - maybe everyone else asked off the same hours you did - she needs someone to cover hours - you may have to quit one of the jobs

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